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French band Nightmare have had a stop start career since their formation in 1979. Their highlights so far include opening for Def Leppard during March 1983 on the Pyromania tour in their hometown of Grenoble. Following their reformation in 1999, they toured with the likes of Saxon, Blind Guardian, After Forever and made appearances at the prestigious Hellfest and Wacken Open Air festivals. Bringing Nightmare up to date, ‘Insurrection’ is the band’s well produced and well performed 7th album with the continual thunderous riffs and their great sense of melody being its main strengths. It soon becomes apparent that ‘Insurrection’ oozes quality from start to finish, demonstrating consistently impressive songwriting skills, possessing a sound that is based around the traditional/power metal genres with hints of classic thrash. The Edguy-esque opener ‘Eternal Winter’ provides the album with a promising start. ‘The Gospel of Judas’ and ‘Legions of the Rising Sun’ remind me of Firewind, the former being the heavier of the two with the latter sounding more melodic and catchy. The blistering title track comes across like Accept meets old school thrash, which perhaps surprisingly for such a fierce and forceful track, is loaded with memorable, hook laden vocal lines. The near 9 minute epic ‘Three Miles Island’ is both fluent and precise and delivered with effortless ease. Shorter tracks with a similar feel such as the intense balladic ‘Target for Revenge’, ‘Cosa Nostra (Part 1 – The Light)’ and album closer ‘Angels of Glass’ are equally as impressive. Bassist Yves Campion is the only surviving original member within the current line-up of Nightmare but even so I think it’s an incredible achievement that a band 30 years on can deliver something so exciting and relevant today. I can wholeheartedly recommend ‘Insurrection’ to anyone with a passion for great metal.
AFM Records
Review by Dave Crewe
14th Sept 2009
1) Eternal Winter
2) The Gospel of Judas
3) Insurrection
4) Legions of the Rising Sun
5) Three Miles Island
6) Mirrors of Damnation
7) Decameron
8) Target for Revenge
9) Cosa Nostra (Part I - The Light)
10) Angels of Glass
"...‘Insurrection’ oozes quality from start to finish, demonstrating consistently impressive songwriting skills..."