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Since the advent and widespread use of the internet, it is near impossible for any band in the 21st century to exist enigmatically as they could do during the eighties metal scene, for example, where information about underground acts was not so readily available as it is now in the binary world. One approach, therefore, can be to create (or at least attempt to) an enigma through self-declared myths about your band and its members. Pitbull Terrorist achieve this to a degree, although it could also be read, of course, as a clever marketing ploy. It is out of the scope of this review to discuss the various myths here although should you feel the need to investigate why they need to remain masked, evasive and 'underground', then there are elaborately imaginative narratives readily available to peruse on their website. In fact, I can't say for certainty their country of origin - the press release claims the four members are of "various nationalities" and currently reside in Finland, although a quick glance at their MySpace page suggests they originate from Bourgogne in France. Enigmatic indeed! So what of the music? Described on the promo sleeve as 'Terrorthrash', it is bizarrely an apt description of the eighteen cuts that constitute 'C.I.A.' Relentless in its thrash-fuelled intensity throughout, it also dips into the genres of black metal with some passages of melodically dark tremolo-picked guitar and technical death through occasional broken rhythms in the drumming with Steve Flynn-esque fills between their frequent blast beat led assault. And that's all topped off with the guttural growls of Ursula, who also brings her likeable clean voice into proceedings on 'The Shit of the System'. With a playing time of under 26 minutes, only one of the eighteen tracks exceeds the two minute mark (just!), so we're talking succinctness here and, fortunately, Pitbull Terrorist's delivery is as concisely tight and hard hitting as one would hope for such a barrage of short tracks. Impressive.
Anstalt Records
Review by Mark Holmes
9th Nov 2009
1) No Resurrection; 2) The Silencer
3) Ode for the Old; 4) Cut Below the Waist
5) The Pig; 6) Economaniac
7) Maus; 8) Dirt Bomb
9) The Leak; 10) Agent Orange
11) Necessary Evil; 12) Guerra
13) You Did Try; 14) Let the Gods Do the Fighting
15) Corpocrazy; 16) In Confidence
17) The Shit of the System
18) End of It All
"Relentless in its thrash-fuelled intensity throughout..."