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Prey are yet another heavy rock band from Sweden, the members being Thomas Nystroem who handles both vocals and lead guitar duties, Peter Baecke on bass and backing vocals, Fredrick Plahn on keys and backing vocals and drummer Robban Back who also provides backing vocals. 'Knights of the Revolution' is Prey's second release and is the follow up to 2005's well received 'The Hunter'. The album opens with the title track and kicks matters off in spectacular fashion. The cut is very heavy but also awash with melody with the keyboards of Plahn supplementing the excellent guitar work of Nystroem and giving the track a really 'full' sound. The rythm section provide solid backing throughout. The vocals of Nystroem are the icing on the cake as they are strong and powerful and he can also carry a tune comfortably. Favourable comparisons can be drawn with Europe who, while not massively heavy on studio releases, are well known for their thumpingingly loud live shows. Next up is 'Deliver the Goods' and it carries on in the same vein as the opener. The track boasts a sublime keyboard riff around which the song is constructed. The cut also features a catchy chorus,a great guitar solo and a particularly good drum sound. 'Playing with Fire' follows and picks up the tempo with a fast pace that borders on speed metal while maintaining the melodic sensibilities of the first couple of tracks. The majority of the remainder of the tracks on this release are very much in the same style as the opening triumvirate of tracks. The only two cuts that could be considered to be more balladic in style are 'Get Out' and 'Addicted' although there is more than enough 'heaviness' to satisfy even the most 'ballad allergic' rock fan. To sum up, then, Prey have delivered a superb album which manages to be both heavy yet overtly melodic at the same time, with catchy, memorable songs. Each band member is at the top of their game and the production enhances what they have to offer. The drum sound is great and the keyboards both compliment the guitar work and also help, as previously stated, to give a really full sound to each track. All in all, Prey can be very proud of this album and I would recommend to any discerning rock fan.
GMR Music
Review by Dave Uphill
27th May 2009
1) Knights of the Revolution
2) Deliver the Goods
3) Playing with Fire
4) Bloodred Sky
5) Get Out
6) Into Fire
7) In Memoriam
8) Addicted
9) Run
10) Personal Fantasy
"Prey have delivered a superb album which manages to be both heavy yet overtly melodic at the same time, with catchy, memorable songs."