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I shamefully admit that I had not heard or read anything about this collaborative project, so when I picked the album up off my review pile I was expecting another new band. Only when I opened up the booklet and read the press release did I realise who was taking part and, let’s just say, it found its way into my CD player much more quickly! Red Lamb sees Dan Spitz (original Anthrax guitarist) returning to music after a long break and teaming up with Dave Mustaine to create something of a monster album to raise global awareness of Autism. Dan’s twins both suffer with this condition so it is a very personal project for him. Mr Mustaine does not actually play on the album but, instead, shares the writing, lyrics and production with Dan and his influence is stamped all over it. However, the musicians taking part are absolutely stunning. Joining Spitz who plays all guitars and bass are Patrick Johansson (W.A.S.P./Yngwie Malmsteen) on drums and who I think puts in one of the finest drumming performances of 2012, Chris Vrenna (Marilyn Manson/Nine Inch Nails) on synths and programming and vocalist Don Chaffin who sounds so similar to Mustaine in places that it might be the man himself singing. It was all mixed by Johnny K (Disturbed, Machine Head, and Staind).

From the off, this is musically and lyrically huge with a production to match. It sounds like a tank crashing through the front of your house and has probably annoyed my neighbours to hell! I don’t give a shit about that last bit, but what I do care about is fantastically catchy songs and this album has them in abundance. Mustaine says in the press release that he thinks the album sounds like a mix of Disturbed, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine and a little Anthrax and while I can probably agree with that to a certain extent it came across to me more as a fantastic mix of Anthrax, Megadeth and a dose of Annihilator, all wrapped together with a modern bite. All of the songs seriously kick but check out the ‘The Cage’, ‘Runaway Train’ and ‘Puzzle Box’ for absolute proof.

It would also be wrong of me to review this album without mentioning more about the reason it has come about. Dan says that we are presently in an epidemic of autism with one in every 88th child born being diagnosed within the autistic spectrum. His wife Candi Spitz also devotes all of her free time to www.autismspeaks.org, the largest non-profit autism awareness organisation. So you now have two excellent reasons to go out and pick this album up. ‘Red Lamb’ is a cracking metal album and it’s in aid of a fabulous cause. I really hope this gets the push it deserves and also that it is NOT a one-off. Albums this good should at least come in pairs!
Hansel & Gretel
Review by Rick Tilley
10th Dec 2012
1) The Cage
2) Runaway Train
3) Standby Passenger
4) One Shell (In the Chamber)
5) Puzzle Box
6) Watchman
7) Keep Pushing Me
8) Get Up
9) Don't Threaten to Love Me
10) Angels of War; 11) Warpaint
12) Temptation
"...this is musically and lyrically huge with a production to match...a fantastic mix of Anthrax, Megadeth and a dose of Annihilator, all wrapped together with a modern bite."