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Sanction X are a German band. They were formed in January 2008 by two veterans of the German metal scene, vocalist Ebby Paduch, previously of Infinity's Call and Stonefield, and guitarist Robby Boebel, ex Frontline, Evidence One and Talon. The rest of the band consists of Peter Langer (drums), bassist Roberto D'Amico and Ben Eifert on keyboards. 'The Last Day' is the bands first release and is self produced with Roebel in the producer's seat. 'The Calling' is the first track on the album and boasts a epic feel that is both bludgeoningly heavy and melodic at the same time. The vocals of Paduch are strong and are given superb backing by the various muscians within the band. 'When Fire Will Touch The Night' follows and treads the same path as the opener with its epic sound and driving tempo. 'Demon's Dance' is the third cut and is possibly the stand out track on this release, alongside 'Reason Why We Were Born', with a great riff and a forceful, up tempo momentum which is complimented by some excellent keyboard work. Another strong track is 'Feelings Came To Me' which starts with a Russian military style intro before exploding into the, by now, familiar riffage and pounding rythms. The up tempo style is consistent throughout the album, with the exception of the album closer, 'Fly Away' which is a slower, but equally heavy, effort. As previously mentioned, the music on this release has an epic feel, and this is matched by the lyrical themes that are explored by Paduch, such as, as the album title suggests, the end of the world and mans' place within it. All in all, this is a superb album, full of really heavy, but well crafted, tracks. There is enough melody to make the songs memorable and some of the choruses get into your head with very little effort. If you're a fan of melodic Power Metal, I would recommend this excellent release without hesitation.
Metal Heaven
Review by Dave Uphill
29th June 2009
1) The Calling
2) When Fire Will Touch the Night
3) Demon's Dance
4) Eyes of a Stranger
5) Alone Again
6) Feelings Came To Me
7) Reason Why We Were Born
8) The Eyes
9) The Last Day
10) Eternal Light
11) Fly Away
"...the music on this release has an epic feel, and this is matched by the lyrical themes that are explored..."