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I don't know if Sebastian Bach will ever rejoin Skid Row for a full on reunion but, I'll tell you one thing, if he continues to release solo albums of this quality then I won't care because his new work, 'Give 'Em Hell', is a fabulous listen. I liked his previous album 'Kicking & Screaming', but this raises it three notches further and it might be something to do with who he has recruited to help him write and record. Firstly, on bass, we have none other than Mr Duff McKagan (Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses). Not to be outdone, there are three great guitarists involved. John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) and Devin Bronson (Avril Lavigne, Pink) and it is their riffs and solos that lift this album beyond good. Last, but certainly not least, is drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot, Fates Warning) who lays down some pretty thunderous stick work. Sebastian himself is in better voice than I've heard for a long time (he has very distinctive vocals) and, together, they have made an album that is pretty heavy, full of hooks and great playing but, most importantly, melody, but it's certainly not stuck in the past. Bob Marlette (Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath, Shinedown) has once again returned to produce and, on top of the great songwriting, everything sounds huge.

I know he is good friends with Axl Rose, but Bach and his cohorts have released something that the modern day 'tribute' Guns 'N Roses couldn't even dream about. If you love this type of rock/metal, and if you're reading this then I'm assuming you do, then the groove these songs have are going to kick you into tomorrow. It's one of those rare albums that is immediate but also improves with each listen. I've spun this at least fifteen times now and releasing it just as the evenings are getting lighter and the sun is starting to make itself felt again is wonderful timing. It's a heavy rock album that is going to make a BBQ or summer festival feel like bliss!

From the opening notes of 'Hell Inside My Head' this caught my attention and, within a couple of minutes, you couldn't wipe the smile off my face and I really don't think there is a filler track here. 'Temptation' has a chorus that will have you singing for all your worth (indeed, most of the songs do), 'Push Away' has a guitar solo that screams absolute quality and 'Gun To A Knife Fight' is one of a handful of tracks that really wouldn't sound out of place on 'Slave To The Grind'. Stop worrying about Skid Row, if that happens it happens, embrace Sebastian Bach instead because 'Give 'Em Hell' is the best thing he's done for ages.
Frontiers Records
Review by Rick Tilley
18th April 2014
1) Hell Inside My Head
2) Harmony
3) All My Friends are Dead
4) Temptation
5) Push Away
6) Dominator
7) Had Enough
8) Gun to a Knife Fight
9) Rock 'n' Roll is a Vicious Game
10) Taking Back Tomorrow
11) Disengaged; 12) Forget You
"...an album that is pretty heavy, full of hooks and great playing but, most importantly, melody, but it's certainly not stuck in the past."