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'Chasing my Dream' is the latest release from the veteran vocalist Paul Shortino, formerly of Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot. Some of you may also remember him as Duke Fame in 'This is Spinal Tap'. Shortino has been around the metal/rock scene since the early 80s and has worked with such luminaries as Jake E Lee and Craig Goldy. His 'hired hands' for this solo project include guitarists Michael Voss, who also handles production duties, Johnny Douglas and Ralf Heyne and bassists Roland Bergmann and Michael Mueller. There is no mention of who occupies the drum stool on the press release. The album kicks off with 'Remember You' which is an up tempo track and features a strong vocal peformance from Shortino, who comes across as a hybrid of David Coverdale and Steve Perry, once of Journey. Having said that, although there are similarities to other vocalists, Shortino's performance on this album is distinctive and powerful enough for him not to be labelled ' a poor man's .......(enter vocalist of choice). 'To The Cross' follows the opener and is in a similar vein, up tempo with excellent peformances from all concerned. A short instrumental track is the prelude to the fourth track, 'Missing', which is a more balladic, style track. In fact, the album is fairly evenly split between fast, pounding rockers and more restrained, considered and slower paced tracks. It is to Shortino's credit that he handles both styles with equal aplomb. 'Nocturnal' is the next track and has a somewhat creepy vampiristic theme, while the following cut, 'Side FX' tackles the issue of addiction (or at least that's my perception!). 'Alone They Ride' is a homage to Steppenwolf's 'Born to Run' and the album closes with two of the aforementioned slower tracks on offer, 'Take My Heart And Run' and the closer 'Promises' which is all strings and piano but showcase Shortino's fine vocal capabilities. To sum up, this is a really good album of traditional heavy rock, with excellent production and outstanding performances, both from Shortino himself and also from those making the music.
Metal Heaven
Review by Dave Uphill
29th June 2009
1) Remember You
2) To the Cross
3) Prelude Missing
4) Missing
5) Nocturnal
6) Side FX
7) Alone They Ride
8) Chasing Your Dream
9) Great Dreamer
10) Take My Heart and Run
11) Promises
"...a really good album of traditional heavy rock, with excellent production and outstanding performances..."