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Well I outdid myself this time! When reviewing, I always listen to a CD at least once before looking at the press release, so I am hopefully not swayed in any particular direction. After my first spin of the debut EP from Shouting Signals I made this comment in my notes: “If I have to listen to one more of these lethargic, identikit, bland so called ‘rock chick’ female singers again I might just scream!” I then read the accompanying details and was shocked to discover that the singer is in fact male! Not a good start I agree, but all of my other descriptive words hold steady.

Shouting Signals are described, in yet another woefully over the top press release from a certain PR company (come on guys, trees are being cut down so you can write this drivel), as a post-hardcore band. Formed in Essex in early 2011 they have spent nearly two years gigging and working on this EP. I know times have changed, but coming from an era when many were cranking out classic albums at least once every year, even from an early age, I personally do not find this something to brag about, especially when the five songs contained within this finished product could have been written by any number of other bands who sound exactly the same.

Apparently, and I quote “Shouting Signals bring to you an explosive fusion of post-hardcore served with hooks that will ring in your ears for eons”. Unfortunately, after listening to this EP, the only ringing I have is tinnitus which, I’m told, can also last a fairly long while! In the interest of fairness I also checked out their video for final CD track ‘The Penitence’ which appears to have been tediously filmed amongst a large selection of shipping containers by someone called James Player whose film credits include ‘Fast and the Furious 6’ and ‘Die Hard 5’, thereby proving that Shouting Signals appear to have no penitence whatsoever working with someone whose job it is to be unoriginal. Is it just me or is it very ironic that the ‘Stand Your Ground’ EP is being released on April 1st?

However, the EP is well produced and Shouting Signals will, of course, have the ‘Kerrang Goblins’ (thanks for that one PW) frothing at the mouth claiming they are the best band to arrive... well since ’Fast and the Furious 5’! People say there are two certainties in life: ‘Death and Taxes’. I unfortunately have three more things to add to that list. Shouting Signals will release a full length album, it will sound just as bland as this EP and there will be a ‘Fast and the Furious 7’.
Review by Rick Tilley
1st April 2013
1) Never Run Away
2) Breathe In, Breathe Out
3) One Forty
4) All My Answers
5) The Penitence
"Is it just me or is it very ironic that the ‘Stand Your Ground’ EP is being released on April 1st?"