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Silhouette formed in 2005 but the style of nostalgic prog rock they play would have you think they were one of many prog bands that floated to the surface in the ‘80s neo-prog explosion. ‘Moods’ is this Dutch foursome’s sophomore full-length, having worked on it for two years. The production values are remarkably high, giving the music a rich consistency that almost feels tangible. These supple textures corroborate the reverie mood that emanates from this release. From the opening Genesis-esque song, the listener can know what to expect if they have encountered any classic prog rock previously: soothing guitar melodies, dream-like keyboards that may occasionally inject a quirk that sounds like it originated from Arjen Lucassen’s Star One and venturing vocals that are as sweet as sugar. Gerben Klazinga of fellow Dutch prog revivalists Knight Area mixed ‘Moods’ and coincidentally, the album sounds just like a Knight Area release without the heavier passages and less focused compositions. There is nothing here that has not been aped numerous times by the less successful neo-prog bands and the most innovative idea is on ‘Searching for Her’ where a second, deeper vocalist joins the foray. Unfortunately, this disrupts the ethereal mood the album concentrates on, instead sounding coarse and atonal, particularly compared to the lead vocalist. It would be callous to label this album useless; it does have its merits. ‘The Answers’ has a modern, sorrowful edge, approached differently to the way that bands like Marillion, IQ and Arena would do it. The piano on the title track and ‘Another Bed Time Story’ make a solid, refreshing change to the over-used atmospheric keyboards of prog rock. Silhouette are not terrible but they have a long way to go before they can positively turn heads.
Progress Records
Review by Elena Francis
21st Sept 2009
1) Concert Hangover
2) Don't Threaten My Peace of Mind
3) Searching for Her
4) Second Timr Down
5) Don't Mess With Me
6) Feeling Good
7) Unreal Meeting
8) Cinema Backseat
9) Far Away
10) Moods
11) Another Bed Time Story
12) The Answers
"There is nothing here that has not been aped numerous times by the less successful neo-prog bands..."