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Sinheresy formed in 2009 as a Nightwish cover band. They released their first official album with the moderately well received ‘Paint the World’. While they have given listeners a very easy to latch onto style that is reminiscent of the music they once covered, they have attempted to put a slightly more symphonic/progressive touch to their original music. Band members returning this go around are Alex Vescovi on drums, Lorenzo Pasutto manning guitars, Cecilia Petrini lends her great range on vocals and piano, as well as Stefano Sain on male lead vocals, with Daniele Girardelli on keys.

Have to be honest from the outset, this release is a far cry from the greatness of bands like Nightwish or Within Temptation. It’s very easy to see what Sinheresy is trying to do here with ‘Domino’. They seem like they wish to create a compliment to the symphonic metal band scene and, for some, this might be fine, as the sound they present has a very radio friendly vibe to it that could be universally acceptable.

However, this just isn’t going to fly for me. There is no character at all found in any of these tracks. No soul or anything to pick out as a positive spin that I can find in this review. Each track sounds a bit like other acts that have perfected the same works many moons ago, and just shouldn’t be tampered with.

With all this negativity, the female vocals are very strong, the lyrics are well written, the keyboards and most guitars are powerful, delivering a nice symphony that compliments each track. The editing and production quality is top notch. Stefano Sain sounds much like a lower octave Michael Poulsen (of Volbeat fame) set to a more progressive tone. It’s not the worst vocals I’ve ever heard, but it honestly brings the entire act down.

‘Domino’ does feature a couple songs that you could give a shot. The track ‘Unspoken Words’ has moments of near epic sound delivering very well done background concert symphony, excellent drums and a catchy chorus. ‘Ocean of Deception’ could be to the liking of fans of Amaranthe, with very cool speedy transitions and great balance.

Just not enough originality for this release to truly ‘catch’ on with me. I feel like there is an audience out there for Sinheresy; however, I’m not sure I fit that mold. Imagine a poor man’s Nightwish with dashes of Volbeat and Evanescence. If this is something you would enjoy then more power to you. I can’t recommend this except to die hard Sinheresy fans.
Scarlet Records
Review by Joshua Jaeger
7th April 2017
1) Domino
2) Star Dome
3) Without a Reason
4) My Only Faith
5) Unspoken Words
6) Under Your Skin
7) The Island of Salt and Grass
8) Ocean of Deception
9) Believe
10) ...Another Life
"Each track sounds a bit like other acts that have perfected the same works many moons ago, and just shouldn’t be tampered with."