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Brazilian progressive metal band Siriun was founded in Rio De Janeiro by guitarist/vocalist Alexandre Castellan in 2014. Alexandre formed the band as a way to give life to his musical ideas. In order to get the power that his creation needed, he required the best… step up renowned drummer Kevin Talley [Six Feet Under, Daath, Feared, Suffocation, Devil Driver, BattleCross] and Alexandre’s long-time friend, Hugo Machado on bass. Together, the power trio hope to succeed in knocking out a quality masterclass in forward thinking extremity. It has been stated that this album possesses all the fire and bite of Sepultura with the technical prowess of Nevermore and a keen emphasis on Siriun’s native Latin influences and a flair for jazz. This album has been said to be a must for fans of classic thrash and modern progressive metal.

I must say that, having listened to ‘In Chaos We Trust’ several times, that last statement has an element of truth in it. The music within this album is extreme and brutal to say the least, but does have a heavy, groove metal feel to it, with progressive tendencies throughout that become more evident the more you listen to it. The acoustic guitar sections on various tracks show the band’s more Latin influences and adds a somewhat calmness to the extreme brutality on display.

Things begin with ‘Mass Control’, which is literally a brutal onslaught upon the ears from beginning to end. Everything that comes at you is both harsh and compelling, yet you simply cannot consume what is blasting through your skull. It takes a few listens to wrap your head around it all… from the outstanding shredding guitars, pummelling drumming, pounding bass, and those fearsome vocals. It’s pure, utter madness which continues through ‘Infected’, which actually starts with some good guitar harmonies and melodies that lead you into a false sense of security. Just when you’re getting in the mood, you’re hit full in the face with low-toned growls, followed by skin-ripping high-end screeches… Alexandre certainly knows how to grab your attention and keep you hooked! It’s an unstoppable track, consisting of terrific double-kick, blast beat drumming from Kevin and massive hooks. Then you have those Latin sections I mentioned previously, with a nice little section during the second half that includes some acoustic guitar. Unusual I might add, yet adding to the flavour of Siriun.

The extremely savage ‘Spread of Hate’ literally melts your ears when it begins. The aggression pouring out leaves you breathless and your neck hurting by the extreme pace. Alexandre’s shredding guitars and high-pitched vocal screech takes your breath away, as does Kevin’s insane drumming and Hugo’s pounding bass, both coming together in unison to provide a confident yet aggressive rhythm section. Your ears and neck are offered a little respite [1 minute and 16 seconds worth, to be precise] as instrumental track ‘Cosmogenesis’ works through its paces with some nice acoustic and electric guitar. This track has a good rhythm to it and really shows the abilities and versatility of Alexandre. The title track, ‘In Chaos We Trust’, shortly follows with its rather dark feel. Beginning slowly, it builds up to a pulverising riff and hard drumming [around the 40 second mark], that literally melts your face off, sending you into fits of uncontrollable headbanging! Alexandre’s vocals and guitar-play throughout are absolutely awesome.

Complete madness destroys your ear-drums in seconds as Siriun launch into ‘Transmutation; an all-consuming track that is powerful, with elements of thrash included for good measure, sending you into a headbanging overdrive whilst screaming along to Alexandre’s vocals. Oh my, those high-pitched, screeching vocal sections are spine-tingling and insane, yet it doesn’t end there. ‘Intent’ is brutal and extreme to the very core. It’s so intense and steamrolls its way through your skull with an all-consuming rhythm, screaming guitars, pounding bass lines, and awesome double-kick, blasting drums. This track is so brutal, triggering the aggression inside you to break out to the surface, urging you to fight. Then you’re pulverised into oblivion by final track ‘Becoming Aware’, which begins immediately with an absolute onslaught of brutality, along with low-end and high-end aggressive vocals/screeching, literally ripping you apart. After 33 and a half minutes there’s nothing but deathly silence as things come to an abrupt stop. You’ve been brutally punished by Siriun’s awesome power. You’re left breathless, battered, bruised, and in a state of shock looking at the devastation left around you… yet, off you go again, repeating the feat for another bout.

‘In Chaos We Trust’ is an album that gets your heart pounding, blood racing, ears bleeding, and neck hurting. It’s a phenomenal album with outstanding guitars (both electric and acoustic) from Alexandre that consist of great rhythm, screaming melodies, and harmonies. The rhythm section is both tight and extreme, from Hugo’s pounding bass to Kevin’s insanely fast drumming. The vocals of Alexandre are absolutely stunning, from his low-end growls, to his high-pitched screaming. They’re so brutal, extreme, and amazing at the same time. I’d even say they’re irresistible and go with the instruments very well. ‘In Chaos We Trust’ is a phenomenal debut album from Siriun. The only problem I have with it is that it’s over too quickly… the repeat button is in continuous use throughout. It’s an album that’s an essential purchase for any extreme metal fan and an album that you’ll repeatedly return to because one listen won’t be enough!
Review by Chris Palmer
8th March 2015
1) Mass Control
2) Infected
3) Spread of Hate
4) Cosmogenesis
5) In Chaos We Trust
6) Transmutation
7) Intent
8) Becoming Aware
"...an album that’s an essential purchase for any extreme metal fan and an album that you’ll repeatedly return to because one listen won’t be enough!"