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When I was asked to review the new Skindred album, I must admit I was a tad excited. Over the past five years plus, I have been aware of the band’s better known, anthemic tracks and witnessed them live, so I was looking forward to seeing what the Ragga metal masters had for their fans’ ears this time around. Since 1998, Skindred have been playing their unique style, blending elements of ska, punk, metal, reggae and dub step, which sounds like a nightmare… but is definitely a breath of fresh, adrenaline filled, air. ‘Volume’, their sixth studio album, scheduled for release on the 30th of October, is the band’s second full-length in two years and picks up where ‘Kill the Power’ left off. From the outset, the album kicks off with ‘Under Attack’ and the title track, with lead singer, Benjii Webb, effortlessly spitting out lyrics in a rap/melodic style, mixed with metal guitars and catchy riffs. The album retains the same vibe throughout, each track adds subtle differences to the mix, including thrashing guitars and Ragga beats. It has been a very well thought out planned production, even giving you brief musical “interludes”. Highlights of this album, for me, are track four, ‘Shut Ya Mouth’, and the very deceiving track eight, ‘Saying it Now’, which starts off like a ballad before turning into a full-on rock monster! I think it’s fair to say that this album is one of the most impressive pieces of work I have wrapped my ears around in a long time. Although I have only picked out a few tracks to mention here, the album, as a whole, is genius, giving you Phat bouncing grooves and instantly addictive songs, making you turn the “Volume” right up!! If you get chance to catch these guys on tour next in the Autumn, grab yourself a ticket.
Napalm Records
Review by Gina Godfrey
30th Oct 2015
1) Under Attack
2) Volume
3) Hit the Ground
4) Shut Ya Mouth; 5) I
6) The Healing
7) Sound the Siren
8) Saying It Now; 9) II
10) Straight Jacket; 11) III
12) No Justice
13) Stand Up
14) Three Words
"...the album, as a whole, is genius..."