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Filmed/recorded in September last year, this DVD provides a slightly truncated visual/audio document of Slash performing alongside Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators at the Roxy Theatre on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood (grab the simultaneously released double CD for a fuller 19 song setlist). A more intimate venue than Slash would usually frequent these days, text on the back of the DVD cover states that this "gave fans a brilliant opportunity to see the band up close". Indeed, and that's been captured rather neatly on this well-filmed package. The intimacy of the venue comes across well but never claustrophobic - a quite remarkable job by the directors (Derek Manning and Bart Peters) and film crew considering the 500 capacity confines of the club. The multi-camera setup is quite wonderful with a neatly edited combo of roving, craned cameras, handheld, and static footage, both on and off stage, ensuring every conceivable angle is covered in conveying the intimate nature of the show. And guitar-a-holics out there will be pleased to know that there's a fair amount of close-up fretboard action.

Starting with a colourful montage of street footage from the Sunset Strip, leading up to shots of the venue exterior, the action abruptly cuts straight to inside the Roxy as the band launch into first number, 'Ghost', from Slash's debut, eponymously titled solo album. With the show featuring both solo material (including songs from 2014's 'World on Fire') and Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver tracks, it's a fan-pleasing setlist, with each and every number performed with discernible zest by the band. Slash himself and Kennedy appear to be revelling in the occasion the most. The former, undeniably one of the best rock/blues guitarists of his generation, is on great fretboard form, and the latter, already proving his vocal versatility through Alter Bridge, seems so at ease singing for Slash.

On the audio side, three different options have been included to suit varying sound setups and preferences: Dolby Digital Stereo; Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Surround Sound. In terms of picture quality, this is not too bad at all for a DVD. Since the advent of 1080p Blu-ray discs, offering full HD visuals, it's easy to become something of a video snob. However, this DVD, at least as it appears, upscaled, on my own setup, looks vibrant in its colour palette, sharp enough and full of detail. So those of you who might be dithering between a BD/DVD purchase can rest assured that both will look great.

Bonus materials are, unfortunately, completely absent. A short interview or two would've been welcome. Well, there are four tracks that've been bundled together under a 'Bonus Tracks' selection on the main menu, although these have simply been segregated from the main show. Not sure precisely what the logic is there... perhaps it's deemed people might think they're getting more for their money if there's at least some kind of bonus content. Bonus content this is not, though; rather, more an inconvenience that part of the show needs to be selected from a separate menu option. Overall, though, this is a great release that showcases both Slash and Kennedy still at the top of their game.
Eagle Vision
Review by Mark Holmes
15th June 2015
1) Ghost; 2) Nightrain; 3) Back From Cali; 4) You Could Be Mine; 5) Rocket Queen; 6) Bent To Fly; 7) Starlight; 8) You re A Lie; 9) World On Fire; 10) Anastasia; 11) Sweet Child O Mine; 12) Slither; 13) Paradise City
BONUS TRACKS: 1) Stone Blind; 2) You re Crazy; 3) Wicked Stone; 4) 30 Years To Life
"...a great release that showcases both Slash and Kennedy still at the top of their game."