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State of Rock consist of 3 ex-members of German rockers Frontline, namely Robby Boebel, also ex guitarist of the excellent Sanction X, bassist Hutch Bauer and drummer Rami Ali, together with British vocalist Tony Mills who fronted AOR merchants Shy, who had their fifteen minutes of fame back in the eighties. The press pack that comes with this CD suggests that State of Rock are a proper band and, as such, this may be a project that has some longevity to it. The album opens with 'Black & Blue' which begins with a brief burst of what sounds very much like a mellotron before launching into an immense riff. The track is up tempo and full of melody with an unashamedly commercial edge, whilst, at the same time, being extremely powerful and heavy. Mills' vocals are strong with more than a passing resemblance to Geoff Tate in his pomp. The next couple of tracks, 'Without My Love' and 'Heartless Dreamer' follow in a similar vein with an incredibly tight performance from the rhythm section in particular, which enables Bobel to showcase the strength of his playing. The fourth track, 'Don't Make Me Cry', is the only real stab at a ballad on the album and is a good example of its type. It still manages to be as heavy as the preceding tracks though! 'Hanging in the Balance' and 'Freedom' uphold the overall quality of this release before we come to 'Count Me Out' which, to my mind, is perhaps the stand out track on the album. It has the same qualities as the other tracks on this album but it also has that indefinable 'something' which lifts it above its companions. The title track, 'Friction' and 'Somewhere' close out the album and all are good cuts in their own right. I wasn't too sure when I saw the line up of this band as I suspected Mills' best days might be well behind him. However, I am pleased to be proved wrong. This is a cracking release, brim full of strong tracks and excellent performances from the band members. Mills? vocals are great and he has no trouble hitting the high notes when required (which is often!) and the rhythm section, as previously mentioned, is as tight and heavy as they come. Bobel turns out riff after riff, each as mighty as the last. A mention has to go to the production, which gives this album such a big sound and gives the guitar, in particular, such a massive presence. All in all, this is a fine release and I would love to see State of Rock added to the bill of this Summer's High Voltage festival. It's a 'classic rock' festival and I think this band would fit in just great. If this is the 'State of Rock' it sounds pretty healthy to me!
Metal Heaven
Review by Dave Uphill
1st Feb 2010
1) Black & Blue
2) Without My Love
3) Heartless Dreamer
4) Don't Make Me Cry
5) Hanging in the Balance
6) Freedom
7) Count Me Out
8) A Point of Destiny
9) Friction
10) Somewhere
"If this is the 'State of Rock' it sounds pretty healthy to me!"