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My first impression of this album was with the front cover and it was a good one to start with. A dark, atmospheric scene featuring three hooded men set against moodily grim sky with a collection of randomly placed gothic things at the bottom which perhaps over-emphasise the darkness. However, on closer inspection the two men behind the middle one are direct copies, just darkened and the bottom right of the cover is a flipped version of the bottom left. They say you shouldnít judge a book by its cover but if I did Iíd come to the same conclusion as if I hadnít. Itís a cheaply produced, very raw record; while it doesnít seem to have had much consideration regarding structure it oozes with gothic style and has a lot of good ideas. ĎA Dark Burialí is one of the rare albums Iíve heard where I can appreciate what every member has brought to the overall sound, albeit in a bittersweet fashion. Despite the vocalist not sounding exactly enthused with his performance his growls are nicely understandable at many key parts which I enjoyed, there were many good riffs throughout the album although more on that laterÖ the drumming really helped pick up the pace during what could have been some very dull moments on the album, but bassist ōysteinís efforts shone through the most, providing a somber backdrop that created a wonderfully dark atmosphere throughout many parts of the album. As I said earlier, the song structure is the albumís biggest weakness, the tempo switches so often and so seemingly random that it can totally ruin a nice evil vibe. In other sections, and especially on instrumental finale ĎOuroborosí, a riff can go from being brilliant to boring after listening to it being repeated for so long. ĎA Mournerís Kissí is possibly my favourite track of the album, it falls into the trap most of the songs here do by having a very plain intro but once it picks up towards the middle it gets into some good head bangingly harsh material. Overall this album could have been better but itís got some brilliant moments, I worry I could be somewhat biased since I like my music fast so the Doom Metal elements really didnít appeal to me.
Napalm Records
Review by Nicholas Dishington
27th July 2009
1) Curse The Souls
2) The River's Rage
3) A Dark Burial
4) A Mourner's Kiss
5) In Darkness I Sigh
6) Ouroboros
"...while it doesnít seem to have had much consideration regarding structure it oozes with gothic style..."