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German thrash veterans Tankard have forged a career out of alcohol oriented iconography in their art, even claiming to have engendered a new subgenre of metal, although perhaps one they exclusively occupy - 'alcoholic metal'. Album titles such has 'Kings of Beer'; 'Beast of Bourbon'; and 'The Beauty and the Beer' have always eschewed pretentiousness in favour of a less serious approach to thrash metal and, rather astonishingly, it's one they've perpetuated throughout their existence. Latest release, 'Thirst', is no exception, with the cover artwork depicting an obese man looking distraught by a sign that reads "Next Pub 666 km'! I must admit to not hearing any Tankard since their early days on Noise Records, for the drinking/thrash gimmick wore a little thin for me many years ago - not that I was a fan originally anyway, rather just aware of the band and what they did...and obviously still do. Considering the overt humour in their chosen subject matter and very being as a band, the music on 'Thirst', lyrical themes aside, is surprisingly serious and actually quite good. With the thrash genre's new found popularity during the last 4-5 years, Tankard are perhaps ready to be discovered by a whole new generation of metal fans, and perhaps even rediscovered by those with nostalgic proclivities. And good luck to them, for any band that has managed to solely sustain the subgenre of alcoholic metal for this long deserves widespread recognition for doing so! 'Thirst' is nothing groundbreaking and, to be honest, thrash has progressed beyond its original generic constraints years ago with the likes of Darkane leading the way into a more experimental dynamic within the genre, but Tankard obviously have no intentions of following, rather sticking to what they know best, albeit clichéd as hell. But, of course, it's a cliché they helped invent all those years ago. Long live alcoholic metal!
AFM Records
Review by Mark Holmes
19th Dec 2008
1) Octane Warriors
2) Deposit Pirates
3) Stay Thirsty!
4) Hyperthermia
5) Echoes of Fear
6) When Daddy Comes To Play
7) Zodiac Man
8) G.A.L.O.W.
9) Myevilfart
10) Sexy Feet Under
"Long live alcoholic metal!"