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In an age made by evolution and constant change/battle to give something new to the already congested music market (as far as bands fighting for a spot to shine goes), Temperance, a quite recent band from Italy, settle their position with ‘Limitless’. The album starts off with a track full of different influences. ‘Oblivion’ clearly dictates what they can do and are up to. Powerful guitar riffs with dance beats that could easily be on an Amaranthe album. Amaranthe on steroids and with a female singer that can be way more versatile than Elize Ryd. Operatic vocals are used flawlessly, combined with many different kinds of different vocal registers. A bit of folk/Celt surprises on ‘Amber and Fire’, the second song on the album, where once again various vocal displays of talent are shown; not only by the female singer but also by the other vocalists… yes, there are 2. No, wait… there are 3. ‘Save me’ kicks in with some overwhelming dance beats, saved by this third singer - the “growler”. This is Amaranthe done properly! Danceable, great for a work-out and surprisingly very metal, I would say! So catchy, and I am not even mad. Delain comparisons can’t be ignored either; ‘Stay’ could easily be done by Charlotte Wessels, a beautiful ballad with aggressive guitar breaks which brilliantly gives a twist to the song.

It would be too good to be true if all sounded great. Unfortunately, I can’t be open enough to say that I liked or remotely enjoyed the ‘Breaking Bad’ song. ‘Mr.White’ might have been written as a joke, it probably was, but I believe this album deserved a bit more seriousness; I mean, the song sounds great but… Mr. White and his formula? Come on. ‘Here & Now’ comes from the rescue with ravishing growls mixed with, again, some catchy chorus and bridges, and more dance beats that still sound different from all other songs on the album. I’m definitely taking this album to the gym. Some listen to Rammstein, the next generation would probably listen to Temperance. ‘Omega Point’ is another surprise piece; they can indeed give you a bit of everything! Our male vocalist shines with a very soothing voice, accompanied by Chiara Tricarico’s emotion. There is melody everywhere and most of all, hope. Hope this trend is not that bad.

‘Limitless’ might be looked at as terrible by many closed minded metal-heads but there is no point in resisting anymore. You can either sit back and wait for your favourite bands to release the same thing again and again, or your can open your bubble a little bit and let new influences invade you. They will not stop, at least for the next few years while this pop/metal trend seems to sell. It is well done, it is well produced and, above all, it is very listenable and makes sense to a point.
Scarlet Records
Review by Salomé Sequeira
30th March 2015
1) Oblivion
2) Amber & Fire
3) Save Me
4) Stay
5) Mr White
6) Here & Now
7) Omega Point
8) Me, Myself & I
9) Side By Side
10) Goodbye; 11) Burning
12) Get a Life; 13) Limitless
"This is Amaranthe done properly!"