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Since taking on this wonderful job there is one thing I am quickly learning and that is I don’t know anywhere near as much about rock music as I thought I did! With nearly 4,000 albums and DVDs in my own collection and listening to and loving this music for over 30 years I thought I had a fair grasp on stuff, but the wonderful thing about rock and metal, especially at the moment, is that there are countless really good bands that I have yet to discover and am fortunate enough that I am now getting a chance to review some of these. The Brew UK are a band that probably, and shamefully, would have passed me by had I not been sent this album. Having recently added the ‘UK’ suffix to their name to avoid confusion with a similarly named band from abroad, ‘Live In Europe’ is their fourth album and is a great listen that will quickly have me checking out their previous studio releases.

A rock trio, from Grimsby no less, consisting of guitarist and lead singer Jason Barwick and father and son team Tim Smith and Kurtis Smith on bass and drums, they peddle an excellent authentic rock sound that encompasses bands such as Led Zeppelin and early Pink Floyd but also latter day modern bands such as Black Country Communion. The biggest influence for me though would have to be Jimi Hendrix and the blues also plays a big part in their sound. Judging by this album, which was recorded during their Spring 2012 tour, they are a cracking live band full of energy, heaps of passion and are all excellent musicians. There is a real unity between them, especially in the rhythm section that makes me wonder if more family members shouldn’t perhaps play together they are that tight. Tracks are taken from all three of their albums and the only tiny fault is that there was really no need to include a drum solo on the CD.

Having played many headline shows and supported the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top they really do seem poised to go to the next level. Of course, I fully need to check out their back catalogue to see if their studio albums stand up, but on this performance alone I can see a very bright future. It would be wrong of me not to also mention producer Chris West (Status Quo) who has done a great job of capturing them live. You can almost feel the sweat dripping off the band at times and that is something that has been lost with many live albums in recent years. The CD is also packaged with a double sided poster. I’m very interested in what The Brew UK will deliver with the next album because that will seal the deal one way or the other!
Jazzhaus Records
Review by Rick Tilley
29th Oct 2012
1) Six Dead; 2) Sirens of War
3) Every Gig Has a Neighbour
4) Postcode Hero; 5) Reached the Sky
6) Ode to Eugene
7) Master and the Pupeteer
8) Imogen Molly
9) Crimson Crystal Raindrops
10) KAM
11) A Smile to Lift the Doubt (Drum Solo)
12) A Million Dead Stars
"...recorded during their Spring 2012 tour, they are a cracking live band full of energy, heaps of passion and are all excellent musicians."