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Well, here's one from the vaults, both in terms of band and archival nature of the live performance released in this dual CD/DVD package. The Quireboys, fronted by charismatic Geordie Jonathan "Spike" Gray, fondly remembered from their late-80s heyday where they experienced a degree of mainstream success with the number two spot for debut full-length 'A Bit of What You Fancy' in the UK album charts, split in 1993 but reformed at the turn of the century, and have remained active ever since. Shortly after hitting UK arenas and playing to crowds of thousands back in 2004 as part of the 'Monsters of Rock' touring package, they appeared within the more intimate confines of London's Marquee Club which is where this release was recorded and filmed. Spike himself is quoted on the press sheet as saying, "The Marquee show is just us having a party with the fans...I remember it as one of the funniest shows I've ever done...", and there's a discernible jovial vibe that's conveyed through both the audio and visual and, with over half the songs in their set lifted from 'A Bit of What You Fancy', it's retro hard rock fun all the way. Of both discs, the CD's audio is of a high quality and stripped of the majority of Spike's between song banter so there's a more of a natural flow to the songs they play. The DVD, however, offers the full-on audio/visual live experience, complete with Spike's jesting, and it's clear from the footage that the band are loving every second of this particular performance with the frontman smiling his way through most of the set. Captured on several onstage/offstage cameras, and edited into a fluent and quirky montage that's befitting of The Quireboys' up tempo rock 'n' roll tunes, the resultant visuals are surprisingly professional. I would go so far as to say this release is worth it for the DVD alone, with the CD being the bonus disc. Whether they'll pick up any new fans based on this release, I very much doubt it, but for established aficionados of The Quireboys, this is an essential piece of their history you'll want in your collection.
Review by Mark Holmes
50:18 (CD); 57:00 (DVD)
8th Nov 2010
1) C'Mon
2) Misled
3) Hey You
4) This is Rock 'n' Roll
5) There She Goes Again
6) Show Me What Ya Got
7) Tramps & Thieves
8) I Don't Love You Anymore
9) Turn Away
10) 7 O'Clock
11) Whippin Boy
12) Sex Party
"...this release is worth it for the DVD alone...an essential piece of their history you'll want in your collection."