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TNT were formed in Trondheim, Norway, back in 1982 and are probably best known for the albums ‘Knights of the New Thunder’ and ‘Tell No Tales’, which saw them break into the Billboard Top 100. The band have a volatile history which has resulted in numerous line-up changes; the current line-up consists of original members Ronni Le Tekro on lead guitar and Diesel Dahl on drums, with the remainder of the band being bassist Victor Borge and journeyman English vocalist Tony Mills. Incidentally, Mills suffered a heart attack as the finishing touches were being applied to this release so it’s appropriate to wish him a full and speedy recovery. The first half dozen tracks of this release, of which ‘Refugee’ and ‘Ship in the Night’ are the best, combine to provide a full on aural onslaught. Each track is heavy but with plenty of melody and each band member is given full reign to highlight their individual talents; the guitar work of Le Tekro is excellent, while the vocals of Mills are spot on, even if he sounds uncannily like Geoff Tate at times. The rhythm section of Dahl and Borge supplies precision and power in equal measure, while the production (this album was produced by Le Tekro at his home studio) is crisp, full of bite and gives the tracks plenty of energy. A very brief interlude to the intensity follows in the shape of the acoustic instrumental ‘A Signature on a Demon’s Self-Portrait ‘(great title!), before the assault on our ear drums begins again with the next three tracks, of which the title track is the standout cut. The only ballad on the album, ‘God Natt, Marie’ follows. It’s pleasant enough and has a slight Beatles-esque feel to it. Proceedings are brought to a close by the live song ‘Harley Davidson’ which is a bonus track on this release. In essence, this is a very professional release. Each band member delivers the goods and there are a number of really strong tracks on this album. It is very heavy but also awash with melody and, overall, the balance between the two is just right. Hopefully, once Mills has fully recovered, the band can take this release out on the road and build on the very strong foundations of this fine album.
Metal Heaven
Review by Dave Uphill
24th Jan 2011
1) Engine; 2) Refugee
3) Ship in the Night
4) Take It Like A Man - Woman
5) Come
6) Barracuda
7) A Signature on a Demon's Self-Portrait
8) Don't Misunderstand Me
9) A Farewell To Arms
10) Someone Else
11) God Natt, Marie
12) Harley - Davidson
"It is very heavy but also awash with melody and, overall, the balance between the two is just right."