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When does a pastiche become a tribute band? It is one thing to lament the passing, either physically or artistically, of your favourite artists (just ask Metallica fans), but it's quite another to fill that void yourself (see Trivium). Bravely, that is what Unifaun have done here. What's more, they openly admit that they have recorded an album in the spirit of Genesis. So, it's 1972 again. Thankfully, Unifaun probably don't realise that they have drawn influence from other bands too. I can hear early Pink Floyd in the whimsy of second track 'To The Green Faerie'. Marillion too (although it could be argued that Marillion were riding Genesis' coattails anyway). There's enough bat-shit craziness going on to keep the interest levels up, even for the casual progressive rock fan. However, there is also a great degree of instant gratification for those frightened by virtuosity. For a duo, the elemental parts of the songs are very well written and executed. Multi-instrumentalist and Singer Nad Sylvan should very much be applauded for his obvious passion in his work. Sounding very much like Phil Collins, with touches of Fish, his Swedish accent adding a lilting touch of the exotic to proceedings. The production is flawless of course, with each instrument lushly presented and separated in the mix. I'm going to overlook the origins of the band, and the Genesis fixation, and I advise you all to recall what quality song-writing was in early-70s England. Then, listen to Unifaun and wonder why no one in this country does this anymore. I personally haven't got a clue. Unifaun understand this niche and, rather than dwelling on being merely a tribute, have taken the aspects that made this era so captivating and brought them to the modern era. From Genesis to Revelation indeed.
Progress Records
Review by Steve Cowan
27th June 2008
1) Birth Of a Biggie
2) To the Green Faerie
3) Mr Marmaduke and the Minister
4) Swingers Party
5) ReHacksis
6) Quest for the Last Virtue
7) A Way Out
8) Finistere
9) Welcome to the Farm
10) Maudlin Matter
11) Bon Apart
12) End-or-Fin
"There's enough bat-shit craziness going on to keep the interest levels up, even for the casual progressive rock fan."