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Now, dear readers, this is more like it! I’m going to start by using a press release quote: “Yorkshire Rocksters ‘Velvet Star’ are not the easiest band to pigeon hole”. Well I can pigeon hole them in one word - ‘BRILLIANT’. Velvet Star (another new band to me) are preparing to unleash their new EP ‘All or Nothing’ onto an unsuspecting audience and it contains four of the best sleazy Rock ‘n’ Roll tracks I’ve heard in many a year. Formed in 2007 their early years saw the usual array of line up changes and problems but the band forged on and had a track featured on Classic Rock’s cover mount CD. They then signed a deal with Rocksector Records and released their debut album ‘In The Face Of Vanity’ in 2011. They also toured extensively throughout the UK with Faster Pussycat, The Treatment and GUN as well as others. Early in 2012 they decided to release a new EP in line with a hefty supporting tour; unfortunately this resulted in more changes to the line up. Proving, however, that hard work and determination pays off the band now has stable personnel. They are Danny Jones (Vocals), Corey Jones (Bass), Mewsy (Guitar), Robbie G (Guitar) and Ginna (Drums). Together with producer Matt Elliss (Black Spiders) ‘All or Nothing’ is the fabulous result.

Velvet Star are an incredible mix of early Guns N’ Roses, The Wildhearts and Motorhead and seem to be able to write catchy, hard hitting Punk Rock ‘N’ Roll in their sleep (a fact confirmed when I checked out some of their earlier tracks and videos online). Danny Jones is an angst filled ball of energy who reminds me very much of a young Iggy Pop (but with a better voice), backed by a great band who really know how to handle themselves. On this EP they are brimming with confidence; the songs crackle with a raw authentic energy and I’m going to try and send a subliminal message to you all; ‘BUY THIS CD’!! I see that they have a few live dates coming up later in the year, one of which is not far from me and I fully intend to be there. If Velvet Star can produce a second full length album that continues with this quality then we are going to be hearing a lot more from these guys. In fact, this EP only loses half a mark because it is all over way too quickly. In line with the cover art Velvet Star have delivered a knockout blow that I hope gets the attention it deserves. There really is no justice in this world if it doesn’t.
Review by Rick Tilley
29th Oct 2012
1) Bring It On
2) Crash & Burn
3) Overrated
4) Glad You're Gone
"On this EP they are brimming with confidence; the songs crackle with a raw authentic energy..."