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From the very first track itís all very pleasant and to bring further shame to the already overused word ďepicĒ but thereís something about the finished product thatís a bit difficult to get excited about as it all seems a bit clinical at times. Since Nightwish took off in a big way, there seems to have been a slew of very similar sounding bands that have risen to prominence on their coattails, regardless of who got there first. As annoying as Iím sure it is for all these bands to be constantly compared to them; itís going to happen so these bands need to bring something extra and Xandria donít really.

ĎBlood on My Handsí is probably one of the standout tracks on the album but that doesnít necessarily mean itís the best track on the album, and it probably isnít. The problem is that as solid as the rest of the songs on the albums are, they do sound very similar and ĎBlood on My Handsí is probably the most commercial song so stands out for that reason. There are some nice folk-y songs towards the tail end of the album but thatís all they are really; nice. Itís all very grandiose and thereís no doubting that Manuela can carry a tune but itís not particularly inspiring when itís held up against other artists doing something similar. Maybe I just expect more from a band that not only have some fresh blood in the line-up but have also had a five year gap since their last album. Although, maybe no-one can live up to those expectations, look at Guns N Roses. In their defence, the album might be a bit of a grower as it was starting to get more enjoyable after the first few plays as it became more familiar. So thereís an outside chance that in 10 yearsí time itíll be my favourite album of all time but I somehow doubt it.
Napalm Records
Review by Si‚n Williams
24th Feb 2012
1) A Prophecy of Worlds To Fall
2) Valentine; 3) Forevermore
4) Euphoria
5) Blood On My Hands
6) Soulcrusher
7) The Dream is Still Alive
8) The Lost Elysion
9) Call of the Wind
10) A Thousand Letters
11) Cursed
12) The Nomad's Crown
"...it all seems a bit clinical at times."