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Greek band Zion began life back in 1995 as a shortlived project by a man named Zion himself when he narrated his own poetry collection, 'Thanatomenes Anases' ('Deceased Breaths'), along with someone referred to on the press sheet simply as 'Mary'. These narrations were later put to music by Viridian (Glaufx) and released in 2000 as '6th Gate' on CAPP Records. In 1999, Zion formed gothic black metallers Crossover, who remain active today, although in 2004, he decided to resurrect Zion as a self-professed 'super band', featuring members of Firewind, Nightfall, and Ancient to name but a few. 'Drakula' originally appeared back in 2005 as a self-released CD, and the core of this 're-issue' is around 26 minutes long spread over the 6 main tracks then, rather annoyingly, 59 x 4 second silent tracks before a 20 minute bonus piece of music at track 66 (which I'm guessing is an intentional gimmick, although still annoying to skip through 59 tracks of silence!). The six main tracks centre around, rather self-explicably, the myth and history of Vlad Tepes, and Stoker's vampiric fictional creation. Heavily influenced by mid-late 90s black metal but also combining elements of symphonic metal and traditional guitar solo led sections with some progressive touches, the songs are largely unoriginal, although somewhat enjoyable through their competent execution. The production quality is generally flawed, although captures that 90s black metal feeling, so I guess is apposite for the music. The music from the 'hidden' bonus track is credited to Viridian, and I gather is from the original '6th Gate' release. Although over 20 minutes in length, this is more like 15 as it ends with 5 minutes of silence. A dark, ambient piece, it is sinisterly atmospheric music at its best - minimalist in approach, although absorbing through its simplicity. It's a shame that more of Viridian's music wasn't included on this 'album'. On the whole, the music on 'Drakula' is generally good but not great...save for the closing piece, which is truly outstanding. I shall now be seeking out Zion's original album. It's a shame this wasn't re-issued too.
Metal Fighters
Review by Mark Holmes
November 2007
1) Vlad Tepes (Intro)
2) Order of the Dragon
3) Drakula - The Son of the Devil
4) When Love Bleeds in Vain
5) Alone
6) The Forest of the Impaled
7) [Hidden Bonus Track]
"The production quality is generally flawed, although captures that 90s black metal feeling, so I guess is apposite for the music."