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A female fronted band from the land of tractors, Somerset, Zoltar Speaks emerge with debut album 'Save As I Save'. There are plenty of great female vocalists out there but, similarly to Huntress and Halestorm, who have failed these ears miserably, Zoltar Speaks just do not stand out for me, even though everyone else seems to be going ape shit about them. Formed in 2009 they play a fairly modern style of heavy metal with the vocal style of singer Louise Body planting them firmly in the alt-metal bracket. She has a decent enough voice for the type of vocalist she is but it's all a bit breathy and angsty la Paramore. When she does hit harder her voice works in her favour and suits the riffs more, but it doesn't happen often enough and leaves Zoltar Speaks aiming for the Kerrang market where I'm sure they'll go down an absolute storm.

I've seen other reviewers liken this band to Megadeth and thrash...erm no! This is not thrash, even in the Megadeth sense. It starts very positively with the short piano introduction 'A' and my hopes were high but when first track proper, 'See You Another Life', kicks in the production has no bite and the vocals are far too high in the mix, which does seem to be a common problem with female fronted bands lately and is a something that continues throughout the album. All the other band members appear to be able to play well enough but it all sounds a bit mushy and drummer Ben Dean's cymbals are so compressed and wishy washy that the only word I can use to describe them is awful. If I had a cymbal sound like that after being in the studio, I would send it back and ask for a refund! Looking at the booklet credits I'm wondering if too many people have been involved with recording, production, mixing and mastering. I've said it before but, sometimes, less is more.

This certainly isn't a bad album and it's better than either of the Huntress releases to date, but it's just not deserving of the plaudits lauded on it so far. On the plus side, the packaging and artwork is good but that really doesn't make up for songs with no memorable hooks and weak production. No cigar this time I'm afraid, just a wet cigarette butt! As far as female fronted bands go Triaxis eat this lot for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Review by Rick Tilley
14th April 2014
1) A; 2) See You In Another Life
3) Last Man Standing
4) I'm Coming
5) Cannot Be
6) Flesh and Blood
7) Face the Claymore
8) Take it Away
9) Braver
10) Nothing in the World
11) I Can, I Can't
12) Treatment
"...songs with no memorable hooks and weak production."