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The progressive power metal scene continues to evolve from exceptional acts to new concepts and dizzying styles over multiple genres and mythical creatures. From Viking metal to Pirate metal to Arnold Schwarzenegger metal! No doubt that Christianity deserves some attention as well! Along comes DarkTribe, who are not shy to share their message with their audience. DarkTribe are a four-man group from France that have mostly been unchanged since 2009. Bruno Caprani wargs the bass, the brothers Agnello, Julien and Anthony man the drums and vocals respectively, and that leaves Loïc Manuello on guitars. ‘Voici L'Homme’ comes to us as their third full album release. Enough with the history lesson, let's look at a few of the offerings on ‘Voici L'Homme’…

After a well-done marching intro we're welcomed with ‘Prism of Memory’, which you can gather hints of the overall message that DarkTribe is about. Crisps guitars, appropriate keys, nice build, and good speed when it's needed. A decent recipe for a sound that feels all-too familiar and is executed well. The title track follows with a slightly slower pace and, while the part that DarkTribe is trying to focus on is an epic climax, it falls flat. The whole six minutes just treks along with no real standout moments. Next is 'Silent Curse' and it's a fine filler track.

Each track seems to build in complexity and speed down the line, then we are met with 'Faith and Vision'. I personally think this is the finest offering on all of ‘Voici L'Homme’; I love the edgy riffs leading into some sweet speedy rhythms that feel like they build and build all the way to the end. This track, like many others, doesn't really climax at the chorus, but rather just kind of transitions to different pacing at the chorus. It is by far the strongest track here.

After average offerings in 'Back in Light' and 'Under the Tree of Life', we begin the outro of the album with 'According to Darkness', 'The Hunger Theory' and, finally, 'Symbolic Story'. And I must be honest, after about 10 listens I'm not sure I could pick out a single one out of a lineup that really stands out on its own. Above average certainly, but I don't think DarkTribe does anything original that isn't done better by other groups.

What I'm left feeling is we have a super talented core group here that fails to reach that brass ring they seemed destined for right out of the gate. Imagine a collection of songs that are crisp and clean with wonderful guitars and build, leading to a rather mediocre climax that never seems to hit quite right. I'm left wanting more. Maybe that was the point? If you're a fan of DarkTribe or just starved for more Christian power metal, then I'm sure you'll find lots to enjoy. If not, you might be left feeling the same way I do and would rather relisten to some Theocracy instead.
Scarlet Records
Review by Joshua Jaeger
17th January 2020
1) A March for a Prophecy
2) Prism of Memory
3) Voici L'Homme
4) A Silent Curse
5) Faith and Vision
6) Back in Light
7) Under the Tree of Life
8) According to Darkness
9) The Hunger Theory
10) Symbolic Story
"...a super talented core group here that fails to reach that brass ring they seemed destined for right out of the gate."