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Dublin’s Elevation Falls, a new name on me, were formed in late 2012 and, apparently, built up around singer/songwriter Hazel Jade. Gigs, singles, EPs and videos soon followed (including one featuring the mum of late Thin Lizzy legend, Phil Lynott). A seven track album (if their website is to be believed, or EP if the info sheet provided with this review submission is anything to go by), ‘Origins’, eventually arrived in 2015, and now we have their follow up full-length, ‘What Will Be’. The (out of date?) bio on their website states, “They are currently recording their next album 'Armies Rising', which is scheduled for release in April 2017”… which I can presume is what’s transpired to be this latest one, considering ‘Armies Rising’ is a featured track name. So debut album? Sophomore album? Third album? Who knows… nothing’s made very clear anywhere. What is clear, however, is that ‘What Will Be’ is rather brilliant.

Elevation Falls have embraced their Irish rock/metal heritage with big, warm hugs, as there’s a fair amount of Thin Lizzy worship to be heard in some of the tracks. But ‘What Will Be’ is far more than that. They’ve also embraced a whole array of stylistic sways, including classic rock, trad-metal, soul, blues and beyond. The way they’ve layered their instruments to bring their melodically-charged compositions to life has engendered some perfectly reified instrumentations, whereby there’s a very natural, organic flow to the songs. There’s also so much passion, energy and emotional intent discernible in the music. It makes for a riveting listen.

And it’s the perfect backdrop for the band’s true star – Hazel herself. What a voice! The best vocals I’ve encountered in a while. This lady has a breathtaking range, both tonally and stylistically. She can turn on the rock/metal aggression as much as delivering lyrics through a delightfully smooth timbre… and everything in between… and all with convincing emotional power, at both the low and high end of her voice. Amazing! I’m truly blown away by this formidable talent; she needs to be discovered widely and globally! As does the band.

And for all the sonic magnificence to be heard on ‘What Will Be’, I feel that Elevation Falls have yet to hit their full stride. This is great, but I reckon there’s even better to come. After all, they’re still growing… progressing. And I doubt we should read too much into the fatalist nature of the album’s title, as this Irish crew’s fate is very much in their own hands if they continue to impress this much. It’s surely only a matter of time before they garner the mass recognition they so utterly deserve. “Ones to watch” is an overly used journalistic cliché, but I mean this with a hundred per cent sincerity here. Elevation Falls will be massive… it’s just a matter of time.
Review by Mark Holmes
27th April 2018
1) Vultures
2) Zombie
3) Dream of Me
4) Stand Down
5) Never Be Me
6) Cheating Woman
7) Armies Rising
8) Souls Burning
9) Burn
10) Take Me Back
11) What Will Be
"Elevation Falls will be massive… it’s just a matter of time."