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One way or another, Ethernity has been working on their craft since 2000, when brothers Julien and Nicolas Spreutel, as well as their cousin François Spreutels, in only their teenage years! Guitarists Thomas Henry and Steve Widart joined them when they started to play their first instrumental gigs. Five years later, they landed the ever-talented Julie Colin and started releasing their first recordings around 2013. They released their last work, ‘Obscure Illusions’, in 2015 and we finally come three years later to today, and their third album, ‘The Human Race Extinction’.

So how is it? To be honest, this album will floor you, and I mean that in the best way possible. Ethernity are branded as a progressive power metal band and they hit on every portion of those mixed genres so amazingly well. The powerful choruses are nearly unmatched among their peers; the transitions from track to track are as just as impressive as it builds from beginning to end. In reviewing this album, it took several listens before accurately being able to assess everything available here.

There is no way to get the full aspect of what Ethernity brings to the table on just one listen; the length of the album can be a bit overwhelming at first but, for repeated listens, a spectacle to behold! The vocals of Colin are breathtaking, and the technical beauty of the guitars and production quality are as good as I have heard. In review of how each track goes, I would take the entire album and list them as ‘killer cuts’, but the best of the best are the album’s title track, as well as songs like ‘Beyond Dread’, ‘Not the End’, and the calming beauty of ‘Warmth of Hope’. But man, the chorus of those songs has GOT to be experienced…

Matter of fact, each track on this release has such an amazing consistent build. You may feel a slight bit exhausted at the end of an entire listening, to be honest. There is such a spectacular evolution from song to song, with each track feeling like an epic movie scene! Imagine the consistent build like this: An entire army of barbarians lined up at the foot of a mountain. The leader rides up and down the lines of warriors, shouting out words of encouragement of how they will destroy the orc scum living atop this mountain. The lyricals building the momentum, the guitars and charging drums riling up the troops, finally the entire army charges up the mountain! With the lead holding his sword high, charging towards the high mountain gates, the warriors breach forward to destroy the barrier and attack but just as they are ready to claim final victory, in comes the chorus! An epic red dragon appears to take flight over the castle, breathing blood red fire over the entire army, decimating all of the barbarians to ashes! THAT is how Ethernity’s choruses in songs like ‘Human Race Extinction’, ‘Grey Skies’, and ‘Rise of Droids’ sound. You will not be left wanting more because you might just be lying in disbelief after taking such a beating…

Nevertheless, there is so much here to love in ‘Human Race Extinction’. You have an enormous album so articulately put together with passionate love, from beginning to end, with no weak points. If you love acts like Pyramaze, Pagan’s Mind, or Evergrey, you will not be disappointed in this outing by the impressive Ethernity. Extremely highly recommended!
AFM Records
Review by Joshua Jaeger
14th Sept 2018
1) Initialization
2) The Human Race Extinction
3) Mechanical Life; 4) Grey Skies
5) Beyond Dread; 6) Artificial Souls
7) Redefined; 8) Rise of Droids
9) Mark of the Enemy
10) The Prototype
11) Not the End
12) Warmth of Hope
13) Indestructible
14) Chaos Architect
"...this album will floor you..."