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My first encounter with Kip Moore, I have to admit, when this turned up for review, but blurb informs me he’s a multi-platinum singer/songwriter. So it’s always interesting approaching new works of evidently well-established, esteemed and widely lauded artists a way into their career, without prior knowledge or experience of their earlier stuff. And my inauguration into Moore’s music is a positive one, as I like what I hear on what I understand to be his fourth album, ‘Wild World’.

Described in press sheet ramblings as “weathered heartland-rock”… that’s kind of apposite for these thirteen songs (all of which were co-written by Moore, except one). The man’s own Facebook page proclaims his style as that of Country/Rock/Pop, which also holds true, but doesn’t point towards the delightfully delivered Americana flavours to be heard in some of the tracks; a style more embedded within the heartland-rock tag. And while many might believe heartland-rock has had its day, and is something of an anachronism in 2020, I’m sure many more will argue it’s a timeless genre that sustains itself by weathering peaks and troughs in its popularity. Moore’s admirably flying the flag here, on an album that’s loaded with emotionally sincere, narrative based introspections and observational ruminations on the world.

The production of the album (by Moore himself), and the mix and mastering… fantastic. A very nice sounding record, indeed. A perfect balance between studio polish, and organic/analogue textures. All instruments and voice have been captured and mixed to perfection, with Moore’s very likeable vocals, both gruff and smooth-toned, balanced well within the mix; at one with the instrumentations.

It’s nice to have fuss-free, no-nonsense albums like this in our current restless times, with a set of ever so catchy, well written, supremely performed and perfectly recorded tunes. The upbeat impetus of songs like ‘South’ and ‘Hey Old Lover’ provide the perfect tonic right now. And I’m a guy who does really do country music at all. There’s something about Moore’s country infusions, though. So yeah, a very decent record is ‘Wild World’.
Snakefarm Records
Review by Mark Holmes
26th June 2020
1) Janie Blu; 2) Southpaw
3) Fire and Flame; 4) Wild World
5) Red White Blue Jean American Dream
6) She's Mine
7) Hey Old Lover
8) Grow On You
9) More Than Enough
10) Sweet Virginia
11) South
12) Crazy for You Tonight
13) Payin' Hard
"...loaded with emotionally sincere, narrative based introspections and observational ruminations on the world."