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If you once received commendation from the late, great and legendary Lemmy, who described Nashville Pussy as "America's last great Rock and Roll band", that's the highest of high praise that can never be topped. It's wholly understandable the press blurb for 'Pleased to Eat You', the band's seventh studio album, leads with this quote... and rightfully so. Lemmy talked a lot of sense. And I'm sure the Motörhead frontman would've been excited by Nashville Pussy's latest. It's raw, dirty, sincere rock 'n' roll at its very best. And "rock 'n' roll" was always Lemmy's preferred term; often, he'd despair at the fragmented nature of the rock and metal scenes, with the crazy number of subgenres that've been spawned, spewed forth, and perpetuated by those who seek to pigeon whole everything they hear with precise labelling.

So, yep, Nashville Pussy have delivered another unpretentious slab of filth-fuelled rock that's really rather great. Blurb states the band was "raised on a diet of Marshall stacks, Gibson Guitars, Jack Daniels and weed"... and that, I have to say, is a perfect description of their music, which conjures images of 4x12s, vintage Les Pauls, SGs, Explorers, with music conceived (and no doubt digested) through a steady flow of the Tennessee whiskey and a smoke or two. It's here to be heard in each and every track (except for the narrated fourteenth, 'Blaine's Bedtime Stories'), be it through the predominance of up-tempo rockers, a few mid-tempo pieces, or album's sole down-tempo number, 'CCKMP'.

Ruyter Suys's fretboard work is as wonderful as ever, as warm-toned riffs, leads and solos drive forth each track with a raw rock 'n' roll impetus. Alongside drummer Ben Thomas, bassist Bonnie Buitrago and, of course, guitar playing frontman, Blaine Cartwright, with his dintinctive voice that has his usual raspy gruffness and expressive tonality, Nashville Pussy's music is a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point retro joy. Anachronistic, it could be said, in the twenty first century. Or, more simply, flying the flag for no-bullshit rock 'n' roll, with an untamed authenticity, that all too few bands are able to capture these days. As such, Nashville Pussy are beyond mere mimicry of a style from a different era; rather, they've here to perpetuate their musical passion.

And the passion is discernible within the songs. Apparently, the band entered the studio "fresh off an international tour" and were "hungry for new songs to sink their teeth". This shows. It can be heard in every bar of music. If retro, unpretentious, dirty rock 'n' roll is your thing, then you'll find none better than that on 'Pleased to Eat You'.
Review by Mark Holmes
7th Sept 2018
1) She Keeps Me Coming and I Keep Going Back; 2) We Want a War; 3) Just Another White Boy; 4) Go Home and Die; 5) Low Down Dirty Pig; 6) Testify; 7) One Bad Mother; 8) Woke Up This Morning; 9) Drinking My Life Away; 10) Endless Ride; 11) Hang Tight; 12) CCKMP; 13) Tired of Pretending; 14) Blaine's Bedtime Stories
"...flying the flag for no-bullshit rock 'n' roll, with an untamed authenticity, that all too few bands are able to capture these days."