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There really is nothing out there to compare the sound of ‘The Eldritch Realm’ to in terms of creativity and genre mixings. The Pennsylvanian natives, Parius, dabble in both a tech death and melodic/progressive metal so well that you will likely lose your focus on what type of metal you’re listening to! Louis Thierry returns on vocals, Dan Silver on drums, George Fenton man’s guitars, and Kenny Rentz plucks away at bass.

The album opens with and intro of 1950s B-Movie horror sounds that waltzes into an eerie piano that brings forth an unsettling tone. You can expect more of this throughout the entire album and Parius makes no bones about the overall theme here. Get ready to enter ‘The Eldritch Realm’!

The death metal infused with Twilight Zone bass lines stretch the boundaries on what the makeup of a melodic death metal band can deliver on an album. There is so much to offer here, including speedy death riffs in conjunction with funky, bassy transitions, you really need to experience it to believe. The growling and clean vocals balance into something very familiar, yet completely new. It really does work well.

The ‘killer tracks’ found on this album are the ones that Parius take time to let the entire story unfold. That isn’t to say the only good songs are the longer ones, but it feels like you can really appreciate the sound that has the best build, and both the title track, ‘Eldritch’, and the amazing ‘Crashing Black Moon’ come off as pure bliss. ‘Crashing Black Moon’ has some of the most interesting transitions from plucky bass and growly death I have ever heard. One of my favourite tracks I’ve encountered in 2018!

What I would say that detracts from the overall feeling I get after a listen is how short the album is. It's 7 tracks and just shy of 30 minutes long. I gotta say that, with a bit more time given to some of the guitar solos, or even an extra track or two, could’ve really lifted the overall review to new heights. With that all being said, I really do enjoy this release. It’s fun, a bit campy, and truly pushes the limits on what a melodic death album can be. Recommended for a short listen!
Review by Joshua Jaeger
20th July 2018
1) Into the Realm
2) Eldritch
3) Phylactery
4) The Binding
5) Between Hell and I
6) The Boundless
7) Crashing Black Moon
"It’s fun, a bit campy, and truly pushes the limits on what a melodic death album can be."