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7th July 2009
Fast-rising melodic death metallers Ignominious Incarceration only formed in 2006 but have already experienced extensive UK and European tours with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Cryptopsy. Signing a worldwide deal with legendary label Earache Records in 2008, the band's impressive debut album 'Of Winter Born' was released earlier this year. Metal Discovery's Steve Cowan posed a series of questions for drummer Sam Bailey and newly recruited guitarist Bobby Daniels...
METAL DISCOVERY: Hi, how you doing at the moment?
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(Ignominious Incarceration on the departure of guitarist Danny Guy)
“He just wasn't feeling it and it reflected on the band's overall vibe, so we parted ways and i think everyone's a lot happier for it.”
Ignominious Incarceration - uncredited promo shot, 2009
Interview by Steve Cowan
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II: This is Sam who plays drums & Bobby our new guitarist. Is Metal Discovery like Discovery Channel for metal?
MD: Your debut album is getting decent reviews which, in a saturated metalcore market, must be very rewarding. What do you feel has separated you from the bulk of bands in this genre?
II: As a band I think we are quite particular with bands & influences, which reflects on what we write. For instance, when the next big thing comes around and everyone jumps on the breakdown & shit vocals wagon, we don't really get effected by it in any way.
MD: Can you expand on some of the lyrical themes found on 'Of Winter Born'. Do you view yourselves as 'storytellers' or do the words come from any personal experiences?
II: It's got a rolling concept throughout, the whole thing's about killing shit with swords and ice and that.
MD: Scott Atkins' production work on your album is phenomenal. How did you come to work with him?
II: We had heard stuff he'd been doing and approached him to do it, and he was pretty much the perfect choice, got really involved and pushed us to make a rad album.
MD: When forming in 2006, were there any plans for the band outside of playing live shows/making demos? Did you imagine you would get signed to such a high-profile label as Earache?
II: Never thought we would be on practically our dream label, and are making the most of it!
MD: Do you feel the tour with Bring Me The Horizon was beneficial to you (reaching a potentially large fan-base), or has the association with them produced any negativity from older fans?
II: Possibly, if anyone doesn't want to listen to us it's up to them, at the end of the day our job is to play to people who will enjoy it, be it a bunch of kids or a bunch of older metal fans.
MD: Bobby Daniels has since replaced ex-guitarist Danny Guy. Can you elaborate on Danny's departure?
Of Winter Born (2009)
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Thanks to Alex Gilbert for arranging the interview
MD: Would you like to introduce yourself to readers of Metal Discovery and your role in the band?
MD: Are there any bands in particular you would like to tour with in the future?
II: Dragonland, Rhapsody of Fire, Angra, Kamelot, The Kooks, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Rolo Tomassi.
II: It was the best thing for both the band & Danny, and all of us are still friends. He just wasn't feeling it and it reflected on the band's overall vibe, so we parted ways and i think everyone's a lot happier for it.
MD: How has Bobby fit into the new line-up? What did he bring to the band that made you sit up and take note during auditions?
II: Bobby has fit in super well. He had learnt the entire album by ear prior to even expressing an interest to try out, which was a sure sign of a shredder. He sleeps a lot though.
MD: Are you working on any new songs for the follow-up album, and is there any pressure to capitalise on your success and start recording soon?
II: We are always writing, after all our touring/playing/practice and experience over the last year we don't feel pressure as much as anticipation to step things up for the second album, we literally cannot wait.
MD: Finally, do you see any directional changes in the near future, or will new material continue a natural progression for the band?
II: We are set on progressing our sound, fine tuning it more than take any radical changes, it's gonna be heavy.