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24th September 2010
METAL DISCOVERY: Could you take us back in the studio and tell us more about the whole creative process of writing and recording of this album?
TOM: The songs for the album were ready for quite a while, but we couldn’t find right people around to sign us. The whole writing side of it, it’s all down to Will and Jon. Myself and Matt just jammed in. Will and Jon send over demos to the rest of us. Then we take them to rehearsal and we work on fine-tuning them together. We recorded with friends of ours, Dan Weller and Justin Hill in their studio in London. It was pretty much straightforward as we had it worked out before we went into the studio. And they knew exactly what and how we wanted to sound. There were few a deals flowing around, one with Classic Rock...which originally we thought we will sign the album with them. Then that fell through after a month’s knocking about, then we were sort of lucky, our manager did sort us out with Spinefarm. We are very happy that finally we managed to release the album! But, yeah, it was a lot of dramas along the way as well.
(Matt Oliver on Jettblack's relationship with their female fans)
"...when it comes to ‘hot ladies’, I'd say we're all respectful English gentlemen."
Interview by Marija Brettle
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Get Your Hands Dirty (2010)
Thanks to Simon Belson for arranging the interview.
JON: It was actually quite an old album because of the amount of time we wasted to get the right record label. It was pretty standard really, we didn’t have any money so we have to be well prepared to just all getting it down fast. We got everything ready before we got in to the studio.
WILL: Everything, every single thing, was written and recorded on demo…over 6 months to a year.
MD: Are there any of you songs based on some of your experiences?
WILL: More or less, really...
MD: Well, what about the song ‘Two Hot Girls’? Was it really, originally about two guys?
WILL: Yes, it was, but not really in a sexual way. [Group laugh] It was just meant to be joke between us. We went on holiday in France, actually trying to write for the album. We were bored and messing around, lying in the sun playing guitar. Then Jon and I walk in the house and there were two hot guys. So I said to Jon, if you change that to ‘two hot girls’ you got a hit down...I know, very arrogant.
JON: Yeah, very arrogant! And he was talking about hot as in temperature, sunburn, nothing sexual about that! [Laughs]
MATT: It just shows that the most simple ones obviously are the best ones!
MD: Now you spoiled it for me. I love that song, especially the video. There is a great element of fun and party atmosphere, and all those hot girls in the video. Where did you shoot the video?
MATT: The ‘Two Hot Girls’ video was shot at a Hiphop/dance club in Vauxhall, London. A lot of fun to make and difficult knowing where to look! [Laughs]
JON: Well, we do love girls, what can I say. We are all dirty, filthy rockers! And sure, somewhere in those lines is bit of us in every song!
MD: Okay, what about the ‘Slip It On’ song? Surely there is something more exciting behind the lyrics? Something based on some of your experiences?
WILL: I think you came up with the line first [talking to Matt] and it was something like red leather gloves, like a modern day Cinderella. So instead of shoes we came up with high hills. But I didn’t intend to do that...just the way it turned out.
JON: It is just one of those things that turns into something magical, fairytale...it is all about getting involved, getting down and dirty. It is all about rock, for god sake! Mainly just get sucked into heavy music, drinking, women, and all that in one package. It is like one of those women at our shows who comes to see us, ready to get down and dirty...you don’t get dirtier than that!
MD: Since you are now popular and rock stars, how much has your life has changed, and in what way?
MATT: Basically, we get more attention and more gigs now! We are very busy; it is crazy how much we have to do now in one day. We're so hectically busy at the moment.
MD: What about scoring with the ‘hot’ girls?
MATT: Well, when it comes to ‘hot ladies’, I'd say we're all respectful English gentlemen. Although, clearly I'm far superior than the others! [Laughs] I'm sure each of us would say that though!
MD: How was the Download Festival, considering it was the first time for you playing there for a massive crowd and your album wasn’t even released?
JON: Oh yeah, yeah, it was great experience for all of us! Loved every minute of that!
MATT: We did acoustic at the smaller Jagermeister Acoustic Stage and we still got a really big crowd...we were surprised considering it’s acoustic stuff. I think a lot of people were curious how we can pull it off but, in the end, they loved it!
TOM: We played it without the album out, which was a bit scary to be honest. We thought we are quite actually high up on the bill in one of the small tents. We thought ah, we’ll be lucky to have 20 people in there, but when we played, there were over 400- 500 people. Tent was really crowded. We couldn’t believe it and everyone loved it. Of course, we know that Black Stone Cherry were playing on the main stage. So we thought, that’s it, no-one would care for us...but it was amazing to see a cool and exciting crowd enjoying it with us! We even managed to steal at least some small percentage of their crowd, but that’s what we needed at that moment!
MD: How was the Ozzfest? Did you manage to meet up with Ozzy himself?
MATT: That was a one off and truly an amazing day! But it was a mad rush, because as it happens often in this business, we had a gig in Manchester on the same day.
TOM: We didn’t get the chance to meet up with the ‘Prince of Darkness’! Which was hard, because we were looking forward to that moment for a hell of a long time, as we are all massive Ozzy fans! We literally get off the stage, we did one interview for two minutes and then we have to walk out with everything on our backs, all our equipment. Then run to the train station. That was it.
WILL: But we really got the full vibe of the Festival, what we saw was amazing.
JON: We actually met the Steel Panther guys at the canteen. They were eating, which was funny, but they are lovely blokes, great guys.
MD: How did you manage two shows in one day?
JON: Only just...run to train with all of our equipment, carrying all on our backs, and running like a mad fly all the way to the underground. It is all part of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and being a rock star with attitude! [Laughs]
TOM: Too much equipment, we were literally drenched in sweat when we got there. Got off the train...two and a half hours train ride, then we got a taxi straight to the venue. We got there 20 minutes before the show. But it was all worth it in the end. A massive crowd!
MD: Your UK gig list seems to change every day with new dates. Do you have any plans to tour in Europe or maybe Japan?
WILL: Sure, we do, and we would love to get some more gigs in Europe, Scandinavia. We really had a blast when we played back in Holland with Papa Roach. We were surprised how much people know about us. And yes, we would also love to get to play in Japan. It is a massive thing for any band really when you get there.
MD: Do you have any motto for success you’d like to share with many upcoming bands?
JON: Just mighty persistence!
MATT: If you think you are good at anything close to your heart, you need to keep going.
WILL: But we are quite self-critical also...yeah, you have to be in this business. Take a step back and look at yourself!
TOM: Do what you want to do, keep doing it because it is not easy. Basically, it is a hard slog!