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DATE OF INTERVIEW: 10th April 2018
METAL DISCOVERY: Rockbitch and MT-TV always had a strong conceptual element to the live shows, so are you a firm believer of marrying performance with music, so that one reflects the other, to help convey your messages in a more potent way?
KROW: I am, yes. I believe that, if youíre entertaining, to entertain people, you have to put on a show for somebody. And, so, I quite like the theatrics of that. I think it just gives another element to the show, as opposed to just sitting there with a guitar, singing a song. I think it gets across who you are and your message, just a lot stronger. And I think, in a theatrical thing, as well, you do get to just forget. Before you know itÖ youíve forgotten about your bills and the fact that your boss was shit to you, earlier on. And, you know, I think thatís just wonderful. It's wonderful to give people time off.
(Krow on a masturbatory segue from Rockbitch's 'Motor Driven Bimbo')
"I remember Babe being fingered and her wanking off for one of the segues. It was beautiful because the sound engineer had to mic her up!"
Krow - promo shot
Interview by Mark Holmes
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Review of 'Demon, I':
MD: Thatís the best kind of gig, to lose yourself in completely. For me, Rockbitch were, and will always remain, one of the most unique, sincere and culturally significant bands in the history of music. But, back in the day, there seemed to be some sort of modern day witch hunt with all kinds of nasty prejudice directed your way. How do you reflect back on those times now?
KROW: Yeah, they were hard times. The worse thing of it was the closing down. We never got to finish it, if you see what I mean. It was just the tactics of last minute cancellations that inflicted maximum financial damage on us. So there were countries we lost, I think, forty four dates in one go, and twenty dates in another go. The last tour we were gonna doÖ I didnít know it was the last tourÖ we suddenly lost nine dates, and that was on a Friday afternoon, so there was no recourse with the council. It was just, thatís it, money gone, you know, because youíre already half way down the fucking M6. So, as far as that was concerned, it was hard.
I mean, it was a fantastic time. Iíll be honest, I wasnít really theÖ you know, it was Babe that was the political speaker and very concise about politics. I loved doing it, and I loved doing the theatrics, and I loved representing the community and sexuality; our female, sex-positive stage show. But, when the authorities came out, that was just hard and it was just shit.
Iíll be honest, in coming back, that was the weird thing for us; we realised that itís still music dominated by men. The actual culture is still dominated by men. I think it was only in 2015, we looked at all the major festivalsÖ you mustíve seen it, the massive gender imbalance.
MD: Oh, itís crazy, yeah. Totally crazy.
KROW: So, in 2016, we decided to put together our own festival, called PandoraFest. We did it completely, and it was privately paid for by usÖ weíre still paying off fifteen grand on that. Still in debt on that one. But, we did it because just to show that, actually, it could happen, and you can have women on stage and itís not a problem. Somebody said to us, ďSpeak to the funding people and they will definitely give you the money next year.Ē So,we approached them for funding for 2017, then someone told us on the back hand that, ďYes, itís all going to a Scottish film company that theyíre setting up.Ē
The bias is still there and thatís the weird thing, for me, itís actually got worse, I think. Itís almost gone backwards from RB. We thought that was bad but, now, I look at stuff and the Venus of Willendorf, itís an old statue and it was banned on Facebook. They banned this statue and they actually put a bikini on it to cover up stone boobs and a stone vagina!
MD: Thatís a step too far!
KROW: Itís just people running amok! [Laughs]
MD: So, if Rockbitch were around today, or a band like Rockbitch, do you think it would be worse, then?
KROW: Oh, you couldnít have Rockbitch playing today, no way. Absolutely no way. Society is justÖ we would go down so badly. The feminists, Iím sure, would come outÖ and Iíll be honest with the feminists, until they recognise sex workers, then they can go and fuck off. I am a woman who knows her own sexuality; nobody will tell me what to do in my own bedroom; nobody will tell me what to do. And, likewise, I wonít put my thoughts onto other people. If they wanna come into my gig, then I can tell you my thoughts, thatís fine; but, other than that, you can just look the other way.
But Rockbitch, thereís no way weíd play now. It has seriously gone backwards. Just from the social media point of view, you couldnít do it, anyway, because we used to have locked down gigs where there were no photographs allowed. So, straight off there, you couldnít do anything because of all the phones that everybodyís bringing.
MD: Thatís an unfortunate plague at gigs, isnít it, mobile phones.
KROW: It is. Itís a little bit depressing. Sometimes, I kind of like think, ďOh, thatís sweet, I hope they show that to somebody else.Ē But, at the same time, Iíd rather they just enjoy it.
MD: For me, I think part of the problem with the world is that so many people generally think in binary terms, so everything has to be black or white, right or wrong, feminine or masculine, female or male. Thereís little consideration for everything in-between, and I think itís wrong when people genderise everything - like, all women think this and all men think that. Do you think the world would be a better place if people were always considered as just people, free from gender and other delimiting social filters?
KROW: I think thatíd be better, if we just saw each other as people, but I think itís all gone too far. I think, at the end of the day, even the little babies that beautiful women have, who do give birth, we are just creating really frightened people. They donít know whether to fucking sit or stand. It is chaos. Itís the Kali Yuga. Itís just life gone mad. Itís difficult for somebody, now, to be in the moment, if you see what I mean. Social media has ruined a lot of family spirit, I would say.
MD: Yeah, thatís a good way of putting it.
KROW: Spontaneity, as well. Everyoneís waiting for the next email. You know, itís a wonderful thing, social media, but when youíve all gone down to the pub and thereís six of you sat around the table just staring at your phones, that is really sad.
MD: Yeah, Iíve been in those situationsÖ and quickly get out of those situations, to be honestÖ
MD: Not a good bunch of people to socialise with if they're staring at their phonesÖ well, socialising being an inoperative word in that sentence!
KROW: Yeah!
MD: Going back to Rockbitch, ĎMotor Driven Bimboí remains in my top ten albums of all timeÖ Iím being totally sincere when I say that, as well, as I genuinely believe itís stood the test of time. A timeless classic! How do you actually regard that album now?
KROW: I love it. I absolutely love it. It was good doing it; it was hard work doing it, I remember, but I think it was just something that we all enjoyed. And I remember Babe being fingered and her wanking off for one of the segues. It was beautiful because the sound engineer had to mic her up!
MD: That was towards the end of the album, wasnít it, at the end of the penultimate song.
KROW: Yeah, and it was just wicked to see his face! He had to come in and he was all professional as he had to place it near her vagina!
KROW: And, ďOh no, itís not loud enough, Iíll just move it a bit closer.Ē You know, bless! But we had a really good time on that, and itís nice to know that itís still out there and itís still appreciated by people.
MD: Oh, absolutely, yeah. So, the final thing I wanted to ask then - if thereís one thing you could change to make the world a better place right now, what would it be?
KROW: I would put women in charge.
MD: Good answer! I think that would make the world a better place.
KROW: Itís no disrespect to men, at all, but women give birth; they understand the pressures; they understand what it takes to create a life. And I think that they wouldnít be so quick to go to war. And I think we multi-task a lot better. Hereís the thing, I think guys are fantastic but, again, itís what we were saying about society, at the moment, they have been marginalised. You canít be a man-man, anymore. I love a man-man; you know, get your muscles out, rahhh! But, at the same time, I just think a woman would run the place so much better.
MD: Absolutely. Unlike wig-wearing, fascist clowns like Trump.
KROW: We would rather work together, to find something, than just go to war straightaway because he looked at him wrong in the street. Thatís not a way to live and we live in fear. And, you know, men are hierarchical and women work together in groups. Thatís why we live in our community. You know, weíre still there, all these years later. It wasnít a phase and, sometimes, itís just sad looking at the world outside our windows.
MD: Yeah, and your commune still being together is the living, breathing proof of what youíre saying. To perpetuate it all these years is amazing and thatís what people should be looking towards.
KROW: Yes!
MD: Good closing words!
KROW: [Laughs]
MD: Okay, thank you so much for your time, itís been a real pleasure chatting.
KROW: Thank you very much, it was a good interview.