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DATE OF INTERVIEW: 22nd May 2020
METAL DISCOVERY: At times like these, with all the anxiety people are feeling, I think itís good to have music like yoursÖ itís so ethereal and beautiful, so it provides a real means of emotional escapism. Do you find your own creativity provides you with a sense of escapism?
LOUISE: Yeah. I mean, itís a duality because, on the one hand, since Iím writing about my actual life, itís not. But, in the same time, I create this universe, which, as I said just previously, you get to enter a different realm and things become more beautiful, more important, stronger than just everyday life. So, in one way, yes; in one way, no.
(Louise Lemůn on the 'Death Gospel' label)
"For me, itís like this poetic description of what I do, and of the darkness and the light. But itís definitely more a poetic description than an actual sound."
Louise Lemůn
Photograph copyright © Sophie Winberg Tyrfelt
Interview by Mark Holmes
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MD: Both your albums have been released on vinyl, and ĎDevilí will be, too. So, do you think your music benefits more from the analogue format and the warmer sound that can provide?
LOUISE: Yeah, thatís what I always strive for with my music, for it to be this organic sound, so definitely. And itís also like a process - when you listen to vinyl, you have to listen in a different way because itís a process to put it on and to listen to something coherent.
MD: Yeah, I think it gives you a greater appreciation of art, as wellÖ particularly vinyl, which feels almost like treasure. So are you a collector yourself?
LOUISE: Yeah, I am, but I mostly buy older records. I love just going to record stores and finding those golden ones youíve been looking for.
MD: Marvellous! Iím sure youíve been asked this many times before, but has the level of interest youíve had from the metal scene surprised you, or was it always the plan to target rock and metal audiences?
LOUISE: I understand what people that listen to that kind of music hear in my music because there are a lot of influences fromÖ not metal, but rock music. But, in the same time, itís been very opening for me to see, like if Iím doing this piano ballad, playing in front of this audience, and see that theyíre really into it.
MD: So when you play a gig, it must be weird to look out and see a range of band t-shirts in the crowd.
LOUISE: Yeah, exactly.
MD: When I was first sent your debut album for review, I saw the ĎDeath Gospelí tag and immediately presumed it would be some sort of fusion of death metal and gospel musicÖ which I'm sure would've sounded greatÖ as bizarre a fusion as that would be! But is ĎDeath Gospelí best regarded as a way of expressing a range of emotions, rather than an actual genre?
LOUISE: Yeah, definitely. For me, itís like this poetic description of what I do, and of the darkness and the light. But itís definitely more a poetic description than an actual sound. But itís the darkness and the light in the music that portrays, I think.
MD: Have you found people have been jumping on the Death Gospel bandwagon? Iíve heard it mentioned in relation to other artists, so it does seem to be a label thatís catching on.
LOUISE: Yeah, I mean, itís a beautiful description, so I can understand it.
MD: Iím still waiting for the band that does a fusion of death metal and gospelÖ I think that would be great, also. But, you know, I can live in hope!
LOUISE: [Laughs]
MD: Youíve obviously had to revise your touring plans for this year, although you have some dates booked for 2021 now, so have you come to terms with not being able to perform live for such a long period of time?
LOUISE: For me, the thing I miss the most is travelling and being on the road because Iím used to travelling a lot. I think thatís the thing Iím dealing mostly with. But, in the same time, you have to just accept the way things areÖ itís such a weird time all over the world. Iím taking this time toÖ I mean, itís an introspective time where you spend a lot of time by yourself, so Iím taking this time to write and just focussing on that instead. I think, in one way, itís an important break for the world because there are so many people who are stressed. Stress is like our disease of the world right nowÖ I mean, obviously itís a horrific situation, but Iím trying to take something positive out of it.
MD: The best way to beÖ a silver lining. A lot of bands and artists seem to be doing shows that are streamed online, so is that something youíve considered, maybe?
LOUISE: HmmmÖ well, me and my band, we live not so close to each other and, also, I havenít felt like the setting has been right for me, because I think itís difficult to portray something with a digital live show in that way. So I havenít felt the urge for it.
MD: So, basically, people will have to wait until 2021.
LOUISE: Yeah! [Laughs]
MD: I noticed the dates include a show in London, which I gather will be your first ever live performance over here? Excited at the prospect of bringing your live show over to the UK at last?
LOUISE: Yeah, of course, but Iíve played in London before.
MD: Oh, have you?
LOUISE: Yeah, and it was a good show. So Iím really happy and the Lexington is a great place. Iím really happy we added that date.
MD: Excellent. It did say when the dates were announced by your label, itís your first ever UK dateÖ so a slight miscommunication, I guess. So your second UK date in that case, and happy to be coming back here!
MD: Finally, then, as I said earlier about the much needed escapism your music provides in these difficult times, what records are you currently listening to that give you that sense of escapism?
LOUISE: I saw the new movie about The Band, so Iíve been listening to that live performance they didÖ over and over and over. And, also, I listen a lot to Donnie Logan and his last album. Itís been with me for quite some time and I keep going back to it.
MD: So, your two recommendations.
MD: Marvellous. Right, thanks, itís been great speaking with you.
LOUISE: Yeah, thank you.
MD: And hopefully see you over in the UK in 2021, when Covid-19 is but a distant memory!
LOUISE: Yeah! [Laughs]