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2nd August 2009
METAL DISCOVERY: What are your best and worst touring memories so far?
TIM KING: The best thing is simply travelling around the world, seeing all those new cities. And the worst one is when you sometimes have those dodgy shows or dodgy tours that you just donít feel comfortable on. For the most part, as long as we get to play our music, itís always a good thing. But there are times when you miss home or wish you werenít there.
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(AJ Cavalier on his ambitious marketing plans)
"We are thinking about starting our own line of plates. Collect all 4. You can eat off us all. We will also produce some toilet paper with our faces on it."
Adam Zadel, AJ Cavalier, and Tim King at Sonisphere, Knebworth, UK, 2nd August 2009
Photograph copyright © 2009 Kristell Gathoye - www.metal-discovery.com
Interview & Photography by Kristell Gathoye
AJ CAVALIER: I still remember those shorts man! The British flag shorts.
ADAM ZADEL: Sometimes, the worst moments are when something happens back home and you canít be there. But then you get shows like this one where you get all your fans together and itís almost spiritual, itís amazing.
MD: Who would be your favourite UK band?
AZ: If I go way back, Iíd say Iron Maiden. Ozzy Osbourne was probably my biggest influence. But as a solo artist, he did it in America, hehe! I kinda hate that pigeon hole of favourite bands. I think itís unfair to have to choose.
TK: Sabbath. No, Whitesnake, they would be my favourite UK band.
AZ: Yeah the union jack fucking spandex shorts, haha! He had a nice package!
MD: Is there a noticeable difference between the reception youíre getting in the UK and back home?
AJ: Yeah.
TK: People seem a lot more into music out here. They live for the bands and the lifestyle. USAís scenes and trends go a little bit faster. People are into styles for a brief short of time. They donít seem to stick around for as long. It seems to me that when you really like a band over here, you stick around and follow them to the end. In the US, trends fade in and out.
AZ: You definitely notice the differences in culture once youíve come here a few times. America has a disposable culture. Itís a little bit more naÔve. When you think about it, people have been creating societies over here for thousands of years and America has only existed for some 400. You can then understand why maybe in Europe people take more time to judge and form their opinion whereas in the States people are a little bit more gun slinging!
MD: Do you tend to hang around at festivals or is it all work and no play?
AJ: We try to butÖ[hinting at me]. No, honestly, we normally try to go and see bands, pretty much anyone we can. Itís half the fun.
TK: I came to see Alice In Chains as I havenít seen them with the new line up yet.
MD: Are you more comfortable on a festival stage or in an intimate venue?
TK: Itís very different. When you are in an intimate venue, you can really interact with the crowd and it has a really close vibe whereas in a festival, you get the energy of the huge crowd. We always have been fan of both really.
AJ: To me, itís really all about the connection whether itís a crowd of 10 or 1000 people. We try to give as much as we can, big or small. Sometimes you donít have much time to connect though. Sometimes even, I spot one person and ask their name or something and they will represent all of them.
MD: Is there anyone youíre very excited to meet at this festival?
AJ: Yeah of course, everybody! Guys like Heaven & Hell, I mean, we just like everyone else, we kinda get geeky.
TK: Yeah like: ďHey guys, did you just see who walked past us?Ē
AJ: Yeah, we try to find someone to introduce us discreetly. We are like everybody else when it comes to that. Some people are a huge influence! People like Metallica, you want to go up to them and say ďerÖyou understand that you are the reason Iím playing musicĒ but he hears that all that time! People think we all hang out together and play golf on Sunday but we donít!
MD: Is there anything you know about the others that you wish you wouldnít?
TK: Aw, we know way too much about each other!
AZ: Yes, the answer is yes! Weíll just leave it at that.
TK: Just earlier today, I had to ask them to turn around as I was changing my underwear.
AZ: Yeah so I replied: ďWhat? You donít want us to see your hog?
AJ: Itís not nice to know what the guyís farts sound and smell like. Too much information!
AZ: Oh yeah that was another conversation we had!
MD: Whatís the most embarrassing artist/song you have got on your iPod?
AJ: Fergie. She is Fergie-licious, I canít help it. I hear her voice, Iím like damn!
AZ: Me and Tim have both Katie Perry on our iPod!
AJ: Yeah, Iím not that gay!
MD: Wow thatís pretty bad guys!
AZ: Itís AMAZING! SorryÖerÖwipe that out!
MD: Whatís the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?
TK: Honestly they are some winners out there!
AZ: I still find it crazy when people show me their tattoos of the band. I donít have tattoos myself. I like them but Iíve never been able to take that step to commit to something I would like for the rest of my life so when some guys come up to me and show me their tattoos of SOiL, a logo or some words off our songs, I just think: ďwow thatís dedicated, thatís crazy!Ē
AJ: The craziest thing for me was a plate. Some girl made a plastic plate with a picture of me on it. So now they bring it at every show and I sign it every time and thereís like 3-4 signatures on it now.
AZ: So they are eating off your face?!
AJ: This is kind of unique. No-one has ever handed me a plate to sign before. Itís very original. We are thinking about starting our own line of plates. Collect all 4. You can eat off us all. We will also produce some toilet paper with our faces on it. The marketing plans have just started!
TK: We could offer some to everybody in the industry. It would come with our new record.
AJ: Yeah, because youíre gonna crack your pants when youíre listening to it!
MD: On tour, what would you never leave behind?
AJ: Sorry what was the question again? Limp Bizkit was playing and I almost threw up.
MD: [Repeating the question]
AJ: A band member. Never leave a band member behind.
TK: My bass, phone.
AZ: Do you want something more interesting like a creature comfort or a teddy bear?
TK: Iím gonna go with a flat iron!
AZ: Pepto-Bismol!
MD: Which alcohol would you choose if Iíd buy you a drink?
TK: Crown Royal. Itís like Jack Daniels.
AZ: Nobody knows it out here. Itís amazing, itís so smooth. JD tastes like ash! Or maybe Iíd have Jšgermeister.
AJ: I donít drink enough alcohol to call it a friend. A fruit smoothie maybe.
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El Chupacabra! (1998)
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