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21st October 2011
METAL DISCOVERY: Whatís the biggest compliment youíve read in a review about ĎDarker Daysí?
MARCELA: The biggest compliment I heard is when someone said the music touches them in a way they wouldnít have imagined. For me, thatís just basically the biggest compliment that anyone can give me. The emotion that weíre trying to portray in the songs that they can relate to that, that they can feel it and, for me, thatís the best thing ever.
(Marcela Bovio on Stream of Passion's sporadic acoustic shows)
"...I do enjoy the freedom that we have when weíre playing acoustically because weíre not bound to the structure that is already there. I really like to improvise a little bit more and just let the emotion take me and do, maybe, some ad libs."
Marcela Bovio backstage at the Underworld in London, UK, 21st October 2011
Photograph copyright © 2011 Mark Holmes - www.metal-discovery.com
Interview & Photography by Mark Holmes
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Embrace the Storm (2005)
The Flame Within (2009)
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Thanks to Andy Turner for arranging the interview.
Out in the Real World (2006)
Live in the Real World (2006)
Darker Days (2011)
MD: And music, in essence, is all about emotions so if people click with that then I guess itís job done.
MARCELA: Yeah, exactly.
MD: The converse of that Ė whatís the biggest insult youíve read about ĎDarker Daysí or anyone drastically missing the point?
MARCELA: I read something once where someone said it was exactly the same as the second album, ĎThe Flame Withiní.
MD: Really?!
MARCELA: Yeah, I felt like they really didnít hear it!
MD: With this album and the last, Iíve read more reviews comparing Stream of Passion to female fronted symphonic metal bands like Epica, After Forever, Nightwish etc. whereas for the first album you had more comparisons to bands from the prog scene. Does that frustrate you at all as you still have more in common with progressive music than female fronted sympho-metal bands?
MARCELA: Itís like a two-way street because, I think, we donít really mind because we know that can get us a little bit more attention from people that we know might like our music even though itís very different from Epica and Nightwish. But, also, fans that enjoy their music also enjoy what weíre doing. It does annoy me a little bit in the sense that I know there are a lot of people that just avoid it because it gets put in the same box.
MD: What can you do?!
MARCELA: Exactly!
MD: We came up with the analogy last time that Arjen and yourself gave birth to Stream of Passion and then he abandoned his child and left you a single mum Ė now you have the second album out, do you feel more established as a band in your own right away from Stream of Passionís roots, now with good adoptive parents alongside you?!
MARCELA: [laughs] Yeah, definitely! Weíve taken everything in our own hands and it does really feel like itís our own thing. It doesnít feel like weíre borrowing anything from Arjen.
MD: What kind of feedback have you had from Arjen? Is he into what youíre doing now?
MARCELA: He likes it. We stopped by his place and showed him the new songs. He was very enthusiastic about the fact that we broadened our influences a little bit with more exciting stuff in there.
MD: I read that you did an acoustic show in Paris a few days ago and I read that you also did an acoustic set at the P60 after the album launch party.
MD: Would you ever consider doing a more acoustic based album in the future?
MARCELA: I donít know. We havenít thought about actually making an acoustic album but I do know that is something that I really love and itís something that we might do a bit more anyway, even if itís just for live shows. Itís a lot of fun and it lets us play music in a very different way.
MD: Has reinventing the songs in a more minimalist, acoustic style and approaching them differently made you think on any occasion what you could have done differently on the actual recorded versions?
MARCELA: No, not really, I donít think we think about it all that much but I do enjoy the freedom that we have when weíre playing acoustically because weíre not bound to the structure that is already there. I really like to improvise a little bit more and just let the emotion take me and do, maybe, some ad libs. Thatís a lot of fun.
MD: So the songs in a much rawer form.
MARCELA: Yeah, and a little bit more about the moment.
MD: Iíve read that you get lots of nice presents from fans, like lots of cookies and cakes, and stuff like that?
MARCELA: Yeah, we do.
MD: Rather than getting anything too weird?
MARCELA: Luckily, no! [laughs] Not so far, itís just a lot of chocolate, cookies and beer.
MD: Whatís the weirdest thing youíve been asked to sign by a fan?
MD: Or is that all quite normal too?
MARCELA: Well, no, not so long ago I signed my first butt cheek! He was sixteen or something. That was weird!
MD: The final thing I wanted to ask Ė what lies ahead for the band? I gather youíre booked over here again, next year, for the Fused festival?
MARCELA: Yeah, and I think thatís what weíre looking into right now, to be able to tour a little bit more, and keep bringing these new songs to as many people as possible. Weíre really enjoying the live shows.
MD: And some headline shows over here in the UK would be good!
MARCELA: Absolutely!
MD: Right, thank you very much for your time.
MARCELA: No, thank you, and thanks for coping with me and my makeup!