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London based The Defiled are opening tonight on a heavy note. Don’t be fooled by their make up, the band is definitely more metal than glam. Mask wearing Curse, the band’s guitarist, is as far from sanity as their music is from Placebo’s and keyboardist, the A.V.D., jumps around the stage carrying his instrument as if it was just a feather-light tambourine. “This is a fucking stunning homecoming show”, frontman Stitch D proudly states and I won’t deny this. Although messy at times due to the sound not being at its best, the guys’ performance is perfect chaos and greatly suitable as tonight’s first support.
Tuesday 21st April 2009
Islington Academy in London, UK
Isn’t it amazing how Scandinavia produces so many talented bands? Of course, those breaking into the UK are the best of the lot but it would be hard not to notice that there are still an impressive bunch of them around. Marionette lives up to those northern metal high standards. Opening with ‘Parasite’, also the first track of their debut album ‘Spite’, the crowd and I are taken aback by the violence oozing from those suited and booted gentlemen. It seems to be the theme of the evening: “don’t judge a band by their appearance”! Faster and heavier than their compatriots In Flames, the Gothenburg sound is nevertheless clearly underlying. ‘Release and Flies’ slows down the rhythm by a notch only to smash into ‘Burn Me’. Frontman Axel Widen seems impressed by the reception and thanks the appreciating crowd: “Cheers London, Skål!” Title track, ‘In Spite’, definitely has a strong In Flames’ resonance and leads to ‘This is the End’ and melodic ‘Black Hand’. Marionette clearly gets London’s seal of approval.
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Reviews & Photography by Kristell Gathoye
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In all honesty, I could already go back home satisfied and the headliners are yet to make their appearance. Deathstars is not your typical metal band. Very often hated for the same reasons as they are loved, they do tend to attract more of a female crowd than most other metal acts. My first and last Deathstars experience was years ago when supporting Lacuna Coil. I had then given them the thumbs up and although my tastes in music have evolved since, tonight’s performance confirms my first impressions. From their latest album, ‘Night Electric Night’ launches the set as Whiplasher prances around in a red feather boa. The amount of make up worn by tonight’s acts has now hit a new record that would be hard to beat. By the sight of all the look-alikes and the volume of the screams, this audience does not need any convincing. ‘Fuel Ignites’ and ‘New Dead Nation’ hit the right note whilst darker sounding ‘Chertograd’ doesn’t fail to impress. The show’s choreography has visibly been rehearsed to the step and after more posing, pouting and spanking than you could wish for, war sirens announce crowd’s favourite ‘Blitzkrieg’ and sing-along “Blitzkrieg Boom!” Next up, ‘Blood Stains Blondes’ understandably raises eyebrows from the very few fair headed fans when Whiplasher introduces: “I want to see the perfect people being destroyed. I want to see blood in their blond hair”. These guys must have a hard time living in their native Sweden for sure. ‘The Revolution Exodus’ closes the show and leaves me and the rest of the venue all glammed up and satisfied. Musically speaking, I wouldn’t go out of my way to go and see them again but when it comes to theatrical performance and fun, Deathstars are unlikely to disappoint.
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