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It is a real shame that most ‘80s glam metal shows are usually opened up by modern, poor imitators. It seems that this brand of hard rock was fully exhausted during its peak in the eighties and there is little, or possibly nothing, left to innovate. Nonetheless, Suicide Tuesday from the Midlands are not as rigid in regards to adhering solely to hair metal sticking to eighties worship as their other contemporaries. There were a few Saxon-style heavy metal veins bulging through their Motley Crue-influenced sound. The stage presence of the band falls predominantly on their frontman who rocks out like a true hard rocker.
Monday 18th January 2010
Camden Underworld in London, UK
Sweden has an abundance of bands pushing for a hard rock revival and Dirty Passion are undoubtedly a part of this movement. Needless to say, they play hard rock but with a true sense of musicianship, with music embracing a degree of technicality, more so than the average hard rock outfit. The music is catchy and did not underscore all the hard rock clichés that are associated with new hair metal bands. With a strong gathering of spectators, these Swedes gain the backing of the audience with ease although the anticipation of Enuff Z’nuff could substantially be sensed. At least the crowd were polite enough to tolerate Dirty Passion just as well.
Reviews by Elena Francis
When Enuff Z’nuff took the stage, the reaction was worthy for a headlining band. Bassist Chip Z’nuff was decked out all in white, including his large ‘70s style platform heels and sunglasses. Opening with ‘Rock N World’ from the ‘Animals with Human Intelligence’ full-length sees the audience react ecstatically but that is probably more for the appearance of the band as opposed to the song choice. The following song, ‘Baby Loves You’ gets a stronger reaction, despite the reduction of hard rock content. Frontman Donnie Vie is truly in his element, parading all over the stage and involving the audience; he even places his microphone in an embarrassed girl’s cleavage and proceeds to sing a few lines while there! The setlist is a big tease. The anticipation of music from the self-titled album is everywhere. ‘For Now’ comes early in the set but is mired but more modern songs that do not have the same proficient level of song writing as the band’s debut. ‘We’re All Alright’, a cover of the Beatles’ ‘Come Together’ and a new songs ‘Dissonance’ and ‘High’ cannot measure up to the bluesy ‘In the Groove’ which leads into the psychedelic ‘Fly Hig h Michelle’ and finally ‘The New Thing’, both songs with the audience wholly singing along to each note.
It seems strange that another band follows Enuff Z’nuff with their stellar performance. Faster Pussycat would have to pull out all the stops if they are to compete with quality against their US support and the crowd size has noticeably shrunk. Taime Downe looks more like an ageing Marilyn Manson than a sleaze rocker; he sports a military cap, white face paint and black lipstick which does not at all compliment his middle age spread. Playing modern, industrial rock from their latest album ’The Power and the Glory Hole’ corroborates the Manson comparisons further. The industrial sound is linear and dull, making songs such as ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock’N’Roll’, ‘Number One with a Bullet’ and ‘Porn Star’ particularly testing to endure. A Betty Blowtorch cover, ‘Shut Up and Fuck’, is equally tiresome. Older songs like ‘Jack the Bastard’ and ‘The Body Thief’ are somewhat tainted with the modern sound. However, it is unforgiveable to not enjoy ‘Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way’ and ‘Non-Stop to Nowhere’ which are excellent crowd-pleasers. The outstanding ballad ‘House of Pain’ makes an appearance and sounds beautiful. The band do not look too thrilled to be playing live and Downe even disappears off stage for a few minutes leaving the remaining members unsure of what to do with themselves. Closing with ‘Babylon’ from their debut is still irredeemable in terms of surpassing Enuff Z’nuff. All in all, their set is a disappointment but thank goodness Enuff Z’nuff were on the bill. And now to wait for a headliner set from them.