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Despite the fact that Warrior Soul have an allegiance of UK fans, the little known venue of Crewe’s The Box surprisingly contained fewer ‘souls’ than I had anticipated, which was disappointing for such an acclaimed act. Thankfully this did not suppress the band’s raw power and aggression as ‘Interzone’ immediately set the pace for the night’s proceedings. Within seconds of taking to the stage, frontman Kory Clarke perfectly demonstrated why the term ‘Acid Punk’ had been attributed to Warrior Soul, as he administered to the crowd ‘the drug’, animating them to participate in what can only be described as a trippy sound, enveloped within metal mayhem. By the chorus of ‘Punk and Belligerent’ the hardcore following were pumped up on adrenaline, punching their fists and headbanging in unison with the flamboyant frontman. Needless to say, as the first notes of the metal classic ‘Love Destruction’ permeated the air, the band had the crowd tripping on ecstasy, with Kory pulling out all the stops mesmerising the fans with his off the wall and off the stage antics! The set was noticeably up-tempo; the incendiary music and rhythms being the perfect compliment for Clarke’s tortured poeticisms and vocals, yet never at the expense of the melody. Set closer ‘Downtown’ left the fans in awe of the blustering singer and the chants of “more” deservedly reverberated, although their desire for an encore fell on deaf ears, perhaps due to time restrictions or other unforeseen circumstances. And while it had been a hugely enjoyable gig, the curtailed six song set left the fans at ‘Odds and Ends’. On reflection quality triumphed over quantity; everyone had witnessed the true experience of Warrior Soul… And we rock and roll.
Wednesday 8th July 2009
The Box in Crewe, UK
Review & Photography by Kim Davies
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