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Tuesday 14th July 2015
Academy 2 in Sheffield, UK
Review & Photography by Gina Godfrey
As the sun set on a beautiful summer evening, the O2 academy prepared itself for the arrival of Anvil. In a capacity sized room of 500, it was filled comfortably with avid fans both old and young and a sea of Anvil t-shirts. A little after 9:30pm they took to the stage and exploded into a flurry of heavy metal greatness. Kicking off the set with ‘March of the Crabs’ from their 1982 ‘Metal on Metal’ album, Lips (Steve Kudlow) came out and joined the crowd, powering out riffs and creating a buzz of excitement. Watching them, it is clear to see that the band truly love what they do.

The band played a plethora of songs from their back catalogue of albums including '666' and 'Winged Assassins', and some newer material including 'Badass Rock N Roll’, constantly addressing the crowd in between, and during. There were two very memorable highlights of the evening for me - watching cheeky chappy Lips produce a battered looking vibrator to play his guitar during the song ‘Mothra’, and also watching one of the most impressive impromptu drum solos I have ever seen from Mr Robb Reiner during 'Swing Thing'.

The band finished their set with a killer rendition of the much loved 'Metal on Metal' but this was only temporary, as the crowd chanted and the band returned back to the stage, performing Steppenwolf 's classic ‘Born to be Wild’, ending their show with a well-deserved roar of applause. There is something hugely refreshing about watching Anvil. Unassuming and joyously rough around the edges, they remain a glowing advertisement for old school metal.
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Anvil in the Academy 2, Sheffield, UK, 14th July 2015
Photograph copyright © 2015 Gina Godfrey - www.metal-discovery.com
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