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Stepping down into the gloomy basement of the Cabaret Voltaire, it’s not a venue that I would assume will suit live rock music – much in the same way as Arches in Glasgow, a beautiful brickwork space with no soul or atmosphere. However, as soon as Japanese Voyeurs start blasting out their almost grunge tainted heavy rock, it is made pretty obvious that this venue has a little bit of heart just hidden beneath its exterior. ‘Smother Me’ and ‘Blush’ send horns flying into the air as people begin to creep their way to the front of the venue, to join the fans already hugging the stage, banging their heads. Their set is enjoyable enough, despite their cover of ‘Closer’ which just doesn’t quite cut it, though this is coming from a long time Nine Inch Nails worshipper, others in the crowd may disagree. Japanese Voyeurs are perhaps a band to look out for in the future.
Thursday 19th May 2011
Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh, UK
Reviews by Siobhan Hogarty
Black Spiders hit the stage to the recognisable tune of their western intro before breaking into ‘Si, El Diablo’, sending Mark ‘The Dark Shark’ Thomas and ‘The Fox’ Irwin spiralling around the stage as Ozzy Lister stomps along with every single note. ‘Stay Down’ sounds absolutely pounding tonight, Tiger Si’s drums are flawless – much to the amazement of the man stood beside me who is slack jawed at the sight, attempting to air drum along – the cymbals are just so crisp and ring out through the air. The Edinburgh cry of “Fuck You Black Spiders” is somewhat lacking tonight, meaning the crowd has to encounter Pete calling for 5 or 6 repeat efforts before the song can continue along in normal form. ‘D&B’ has such a swinging rhythm it’s ridiculous, fast and crazy, it gets everyone dancing and screaming along whilst all those beers I can see held aloft splash around them. The haunting vocals closing ‘St. Peter’ tonight send shivers up my spine. The bouncing gallop of ‘KISS Tried To Kill Me’ is swiftly followed by the sludgey riffs of ‘Meadow’, it shows the stark contrast in the styles that Black Spiders can make completely their own. This headline tour allows the Spiders lads to put on a few extra tunes, their cover of ‘Kicked In The Teeth’ being one of those little beauties. Whilst most would look uncomfortable having been ripped from their guitar, Pete commands the crowd, clambering around the front of the stage and belting out each line perfectly, note for note. ‘Blood Of The Kings’ brings this night to an end, all too early the crowd feel, but they sing every last word as they bounce and jump. As the crowd disperses and huddles around the merch stall, the sweaty mass collectively smile from ear to ear, a typical sight post-Spiders. So to sum it all up, this lot are incredible. If you haven’t seen them live, your life remains unfulfilled. Black Spiders are, quite simply: full on, balls-out, in your face rock and fucking roll and they are one of the greatest bands I have ever encountered.