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Tonight's crowd is practically squeaking as they move around the floor; dreadlocks, glowsticks and PVC galore. The Classic Grand is pretty full following Aesthetic Perfection's set and this makes way for Mortiis. Anyone who has heard old Mortiis material wouldn't be able to recognise the ambient melodies of old with his new industrial electro based rock with simple ambient segments. The dust covered rockers blast out their tunes with beautiful conviction, 'Parasite God' highlights their passion entirely, with "Mortiis" himself sounding unbelievable.
Friday 1st July 2011
Classic Grand in Glasgow, UK
Reviews by Siobhan Hogarty
Combichrist take to the stage and instantly the atmosphere changes; it's as if something just ignited. Andy LaPlegua stalks around possessed, singling out crowd members & staring them down. Well, it's either that or his version of an industrial beat based serenade. Glowsticks and beers fly through the air as new material such as 'Just Like You' and 'Throat Full of Glass' go down a treat, fast paced and heavy hitting, working perfectly in a live setting. Showing masses of skill in their performance displays the fact that this band have continued to progress through each tour, learning and adapting, rocking it every night. Fan favourites like 'Get Your Body Beat' and 'What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?' have the everyone in the crowd bouncing and dancing, while the men assembled on stage fire all their energy into their set. Bands like Combichrist should be bigger, bands who meld many genres and master them all. Tonight showcases the live talent that this band contain and illustrates just why they are so well loved in the scene.