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I love when you look at a billing for a show and have to double take. GWAR…and Clutch?! What?! Madness, I hear you cry. But it works. Perfectly. Clutch take to the stage in front of a packed ABC and the heads start banging instantly as they open with ‘Who Wants To Rock?’. Neil Fallon and co have the right amount of groove tonight; this crowd are lapping it up. Songs like ‘50,000 Unstoppable Watts’ and ‘Supergrass’ receive the reception a band could only hope for. Looking across this audience, all you can see is bodies moving, dancing and jumping, pints aloft and screaming along to every word. ‘Big News I’ and ‘Big News II’ slow it all down for a little while, before - as the title states - ‘The Mob Goes Wild’. Clutch have pulled it off tonight, big style. The sound is perfect and the atmosphere is brilliant.
Monday 13th June 2011
ABC in Glasgow, UK
Reviews & Photography by Siobhan Hogarty
That isn’t…is it? Yeah, that’s “the Queen” sauntering onstage. GWAR are kicking off early with the entertainment tonight. Having Queen Lizzy’s tits chopped off is quite the opener, as they kick into ‘Horror Of Yig’ as loud as humanly possible. ‘Let Them Slay’ and ‘Hail Genocide’ show that behind all the horror and gore and jokes, GWAR are actually a pretty decent band technically. The blood continues to pour as two costumed men take to the stage and hack pieces off of each other in a bloody duel as brave crowd members throw themselves over the barrier in order to get soaked. ‘Metal Land’ sounds almost like a Misfits track, it’s brilliant. Lady Gaga appears wearing a toilet and eating shit (we can’t explain this either!) and once again, tits are ripped off. GWAR know how to put on a show and they know how to play some damn good tunes. ‘Bring Back The Bomb’ sends some of the people here tonight into a dancing, leaping frenzy. As the show finishes, the crowd disperse, dripping in red and smiling ear to ear. As Oderus Urungus had earlier stated, it’s been 14 years since GWAR have been on Glaswegian soil (albeit due to a map reading issue, apparently!) but I think everyone in this room tonight is of the same opinion, that it definitely should not be that long before they come back again. Absolutely perfect entertainment, especially for a Monday night.
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