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JackDaw. Who’s he? Deep in the tropical and geographical-dichotomy-of-London-or-Kent land of Bromley, there’s not just one, but a few boys, with one aim: “To put on the ultimate aggro-rock nights that London will EVER have”. So Facebook says, anyway. JackDaw is in fact a promotions company. For its third official party, it’s joined forces with the massively popular ‘South of Heaven’, held monthly at the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham. Witness the clash of the Titans – and that’s just between our livers and all the £2.50 double Sailor Jerry’s and cokes...

Now, JackDaw has gained a rep for liking Southern-groove. You know the sort: Black Label; Kyuss; Clutch; DOWN; I could go on. And with the beards and belligerence of F.S.I, Desert Storm and Snakebite performing tonight, we’ve got full-bodied masculine metal going on. They’re all stunning this eve; the venue’s great for the occasion too. The vibe’s like being swallowed whole by Thor, and rollerblading around his sweet-spots: it’s big, dark, rock ’n’ roll, and you’re getting lashed by serious testosterone, but having a fucking blast at the same time.

Slick, sharp, and very, very loud, JackDaw meets South of Heaven = success. A sausage-fest for stage-candy, but if you’re into the tunes, gender means nowt. Focus on a certain area of metal could be the only criticism, but on the other foot, ‘diversity’ is a term which, taken too far, can make you forgettable, or laughable. Trying to cross the Grand Canyon from Fear Factory to Fall Out Boy in the talent you book won’t necessarily make you famous for good reasons. Southern-salacity is JackDaw’s trademark: one with attitude and integrity. It’ll be recognised – and appreciated – not just locally, but in wider circles: starting with the crowd pulled by South of Heaven. Distinctiveness? Good music? Balls of steel? Even the facial hair I can’t grow nods in agreement.
Friday 26th August 2011
Fox and Firkin in Lewisham, UK
Review by Rhiannon Marley