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Saturday 21st September 2013
The Forum in London, UK
Reviews & Photography by Nicholas Dishington
Right from the start you can tell The Defiled aren't fucking around. Opening with 'The Sleeper' from their recent banger of an album, 'Daggers', they explode on stage in a mixture of fury and delight. The word energetic doesn't do them justice. The sound is a little dodgy in places but everyone here knows the words and clearly don't give a crap as the band are playing great. As the home-grown rockers play through tracks such as the anthemic 'As I Drown' and 'The Resurrectionists', their positive energy is reflected ten-fold by the crowd; the band bounce and the rest of the room bounces. Before 'No Place Like Home', vocalist Stitch's request for as many people to crowd surf as possible (with the promise of a wank/high five to anyone who does) turns into chaos as at least 50 people take him up on the offer - someone's going to have a sore wrist tonight. With so many people getting hurled across the barrier it's some consolation to know the security here have earned their pennies for this gig. The further order to start a circle pit for 'Blood Sells' is equally impressive, leaving a gaping hole in the crowd filled with teens frantically throwing themselves at each other. Following the amazing finale, 'Call to Arms', we have something you rarely see for a support, chants for an encore. Unfortunately, the chants are left unrequited but, nonetheless, the fact they were there is proof enough of the room's love of The Defiled.
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Motionless In White at The Forum in London, UK, 21st September 2013
Photograph copyright © 2013 Nicholas Dishington - www.metal-discovery.com
So, how can that be followed? As Motionless in White take to the stage they're welcomed by the shrieks of thousands of gothy teens. Opening with a trio of 'Devil's Night', 'Sick from the Melt' and 'Black Damask(The Fog)', the Pennsylvanian industrial metallers are immediately confident and imposing. The monstrous pit that The Defiled initiated is quickly back and makes many an appearance several times throughout the set. Following a likely duo of 'Puppets (The First Snow)' and 'Puppets 2 (the Rain)', we're subjected to a far too lengthy drum solo to the backing of Celldweller's remix of 'America' (fully enjoyable but somewhat out of place) before they perform the original anti-USA anthem. As well as the rest of the band play, vocalist Chris “Motionless” Cerulli's theatrical stage presence makes him the centre of attention pretty much throughout. As a promotion of their latest album, much of the set is comprised of newer tracks, including, of course, titular track 'Infamous'. This fresh material's sound, combined with their style (complete with writhing dancers for the delightfully named 'Hatefuck') really gives the feel that this band are on their way to being the modern successors to Marilyn Manson. However, in a post-Manson world, they're not nearly as shocking and the between song banter is horrifically clichéd and full of tedious fan-service. Making their way through the set, the momentum occasionally dips here and there but this serves to only accentuate the highs during the absolute belters. Following the parade of new material we're treated to 'Creatures', title track from their debut album, before the predictable encore. Thankfully, it's not long before Chris and his crew make it back to the stage for the equally predictable (but no less incredible) finale, 'Immaculate Misconception'.
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