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Wednesday 18th March 2015
Rock City in Nottingham, UK
Reviews & Photography by Gina Godfrey
Originating from Nagoya in Japan, Coldrain formed in 2007. And, tonight in Rock City, their symphonic-based introduction created an air of anticipation reminiscent of Carl Orrff's ‘O Fortuna’, before exploding into their opening song, ‘The Revelation’. Singer Masato’s vocal range was extensive, from heavy growls to melodic falsettos, backed up by a heavy, rhythmic backline. The crowd's response was electric; the band had them jumping around from the offset and throughout, so Coldrain are clearly a definite crowd pleaser. They were the support act but could have definitely held their own as headliners.
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Papa Roach at Rock City, Nottingham, UK, 18th March 2015
Photograph copyright © 2015 Gina Godfrey - www.metal-discovery.com
Papa Roach are back and definitely on form. After seeing them on numerous occasions over the years, they never disappoint, and tonight was no exception. Performing to a sold out, capacity crowd at Nottingham’s Rock City, they kicked off the set with their title track from new album ‘F.E.A.R’, ‘Face Everything and Rise’. This set the bar for what already promised to be a very explosive and entertaining evening. Considering this was the last night of their eight date UK tour, the band weren’t showing any signs of fatigue. They rip-roared their way through a collection of material, old and new, whipping the fans up into a mosh pit frenzy. The new songs they performed could quite easily have been from a ‘Best Of’ album, as they sat seamlessly embedded alongside their back catalogue of anthemic tunes.

Papa Roach delivered a no frills, in-your-face, rock and roll show and their interaction with the crowd was, as ever, phenomenal; Jacoby Shaddix showing once more what is required from a great frontman, and even taking the time out to get everyone singing happy birthday to Coldrain’s drummer Katsuma. The set finished with Shaddix chanting The Ramones’ catchphrase, “Hey Ho, Let’s Go!”, before bursting into a blistering rendition of ‘…To Be Loved’. All in All, this was an awesome gig. Papa Roach certainly fulfilled the quota, leaving their audience sweaty and hoarse, but extremely satisfied.
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