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With a psyched crowd, Sylosis strolled on stage at around 9pm to the packed out sweaty side room of the new HMV Institute, The Temple, and dug straight into the new album, 'Edge Of The Earth', opening the set with 'Empyreal'. It was a powerful opening that suggested tonight's performance was going to be merciless. With a tight and heavy intro followed by a blast of toms and an assault of sweep picking it was clear as to why Sylosis were headlining this year's Metal Hammer Razor Tour. With lead guitarist, and now lead singer, Josh Middleton replacing a recently departured Jamie Graham, it was hard to take in how quickly Josh and the band had adapted to the situation and how they have continued to perform at such an intense standard. The speed and tightness of Sylosis was somewhat unbelievable. Their thrashy melodies and sludge infused breakdowns had the crowd going insane and, as they lay into crowd favourite 'Conclusion of an Age', an immediate storm of moshing and lunacy erupted in the pit which resulted in beer drenching their own merch stand and flooding the floors. As they left the stage after playing a full set and an encore, the show still felt like it had just begun as the energy from the both band and the crowd was still electrifying. I hadn't heard much from this band before but, after witnessing their performance tonight, I will certainly be checking them out again. A true Metal band that will rip the music scene a new hole!
Saturday 19th February 2011
HMV Institute in Birmingham, UK
Review & Photography by Joe Winn
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