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Saturday 2nd March 2013
The Gathering in Sutton Bridge, UK
Reviews by Rick Tilley; Photography by Mark 'Tosh' Davies
I have read and heard so much, in recent months, about what a superb venue The Gathering is and every comment has been spot on. It may be small but it serves a great selection of real ale (or coffee, if your head is already suffering ‘Mr. Davies’!) More importantly, it has fantastic hosts, a great and knowledgeable crowd and a huge and special atmosphere. First up tonight were Incassum, a completely new name to me, but thank goodness my head has been removed from my proverbial backside because all I can say is WOW! I get the feeling we are going to be hearing a lot more from this Manchester based act in the coming months. Having, already recorded an acoustic session for radio earlier in the day, they hit the ‘stage’ running with their Arch Enemy style brand of brutal metal. All very accomplished as musicians it has to be said that the star, and very definitely focal point, is vocalist Sharleen Kennedy. Stunning to look at and possessor of a voice that could, quite frankly, curdle blood. She has a vicious range and, when the music requires, can sing superbly as well. Incassum’s forty minutes seemed to flash by. Watch out for this band, they mean business!
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Headlining the gig was Cardiff based Triaxis (also signed to Rocksector Records) who are currently promoting their most recent album, the very good ‘Rage and Retribution’. I freely admit that when I first heard them, about two years ago, I placed them on my ‘not sure’ list, but I have grown to love their Maiden-meets-Priest-meets-Megadeth more traditional style and live they are a different prospect entirely. There was an air of relaxation on stage and the whole band seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and fully appreciate the fantastic crowd that had packed out the venue to see them. Vocalist Krissie has a terrific set of pipes - think Bruce Dickinson meets Heart’s Anne Wilson - and is more than ably backed by the great work of guitarists Glyn and CJ. I think they have improved as an act immeasurably, seem much more powerful live than on CD and it cannot be much longer before they are headlining venues of an increased size. Their one hour set time also seemed to race by. So there you have it:two cracking female-fronted bands playing out of their skin and signed by a fast growing record label who obviously care for their roster; and a fabulous venue run by people who care for their clientele and bands. My only regret was the sore head the following day from an over indulgence of cider. Will I ever learn?
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Triaxis at The Gathering in Sutton Bridge, UK, 2nd March 2013
Photograph copyright © 2013 Mark Davies - www.metal-discovery.com
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