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Saturday 10th February 2007
Duke of Wellington in Lincoln, UK
First up tonight are Lincoln based death metal band Clara Maass. Playing generic death metal, they offer little new by way of originality in their music, though are clearly talented musicians and deliver a tight, solid and enjoyable performance.
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Tripswitch have been on the scene for a few years now and, although I've never seen them prior to this evening, have heard many positive comments about their music and live shows. It is therefore somewhat disappointing that tonight they are plagued with an awful sound through the PA, rendering it impossible to pass judgement on their music. The drummer's electronic kit is barely audible in the mix, the vocals are far too loud, while the guitar sporadically fluctuates in volume depending on the effect being used. Disappointing.
I managed to catch London-based Gibraltan band Breed 77 a couple of times a few years ago as support act for Kill II This and Machine Head, and remember being impressed with their music - a unique fusion of metal, rock and flamenco. Their appearance tonight at the Duke of Wellington in Lincoln, which has the intimate capacity of only 120, has been billed as a 'one-off' gig, apparently as a favour to the promoter - a friend of the band. Despite the small venue, Breed 77 perform with all the intensity and unrelenting energy as if playing to thousands (as they did at the Download festival last year!) with a set that includes songs from each of their 3 albums. The sound through the PA is refreshingly crisp and clear and the band's lively stage presence engenders reciprocally animated and enthusiastic crowd reactions with a mosh pit seemingly lasting for the duration of their set. Their performance isn't entirely flawless as vocalist Paul Isola occasionally misses the odd note though, overall, Breed 77 are on fine form with every song oozing infectious melodies. The set climaxes with 2003 single 'La Última Hora' from second album 'Cultura', and Breed 77 exit the stage having delivered a thoroughly enjoyable and professional show to an evidently appreciative audience.
(Photographs by Nicholas Dishington)
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